Bojun Chen, PHD

Assistant Professor
Molecular and Integrative Physiology

    About me

    My lab studies the molecular mechanisms of synaptic transmission using the nematode C. elegans as a model organism. C. elegans is a small free-living soil roundworm with a short life cycle. It is one of the most widely used model systems for fundamental biological research. Currently, our research focuses on the function and regulation of a potassium channel name SLO-2, which is the ortholog of mammalian Slack channel that is widely expressed in the brain and plays important roles in neuronal function. In humans, mutations of Slack are strongly associated with epilepsies and intellectual disability. However, how the physiological function of this channel is regulated has remained largely unknown. Through the use of multifaceted approaches including genetics, molecular and cellular biology, electrophysiology, and behavior, we have been identifying genes that are important to SLO-2 physiological functions. Our long-term goal is to reveal evolutionarily conserved mechanisms of Slo2 channel regulation and their contributions to synaptic transmission.




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