Family Medicine covers a broad spectrum of care for all ages, all genders, and every kind of disease. Your provider will coordinate your care and serve as your advocate in all health-related matters, and referrals to specialists, as well as consult community resources.


    Our providers can help you in your health care journey. We can treat:

    • Adolescents
    • Adults
    • Behavioral and mental health
    • Financial counseling
    • Gynecological
    • Legal assistance
    • Newborns and children
    • Obstetrics and women's health
    • On-site lab
    • Osteopathic medicine treatment
    • Pediatrics
    • Preventive services
    • Psychiatry
    • School physicals
    • Sports medicine

    Doctors of osteopathic medicine (DOs) are physicians who are trained and licensed to prescribe medication, perform surgery and use osteopathic manipulation. At our clinic, you have the ability to see medical doctors and osteopathic doctors.

    If you are hospitalized, our physicians will provide and coordinate your care during your stay.

    A federally qualified health center


    The Geriatric & Memory clinic

    is designed to provide evaluation and care coordination services for individuals with memory problems and their families.

    The only way to diagnose the cause of the memory problem is to have a thorough evaluation/assessment. Although Alzheimer’s disease is the most common cause of dementia, there are several other causes, a few of which may be reversible. A person aged 60 years or older who is concerned about memory issues is an appropriate patient for the evaluation.

    What to expect

    The evaluation usually takes 1.5 hours. A staff member will call 1-2 days prior to the appointment to collect background medical and social information. It is helpful for a family member or close friend to come to the appointment with the patient. The assessment is usually done by a physician and licensed clinical social worker.

    Normal Medicare or insurance co-payments and deductibles apply.