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Why Simmons Cancer Institute at SIU

Aziz Khan, MD

Meet the Executive Director

"We treat the whole person not just the disease"

Aziz Khan, MD | Executive Director, Simmons Cancer Institute



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The mission of SCI is to serve the people of central and southern Illinois by addressing their present and future cancer care needs through medical education, biomedical research, patient care and community service.

Patient Testimonials

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Team Based Care in Oncology

Our multidisciplinary team of physician sub specialists and health care professionals meet weekly to discuss diagnosed cancer cases and treatments.  Each member of our Cancer Care Team brings their expertise to different aspects of the patient's disease process and treatment options. 




Discovery research at Simmons Cancer Institute (SCI) provides the novel findings in cancer biology which will translate to better detection, treatment, and prevention options in the future. Research efforts at SCI are revealing fresh aspects in cellular and molecular mechanisms promoting tumor growth and metastases, new biomarkers for earlier detection and monitoring of therapeutic interventions, innovative agents and approaches for the treatment and prevention of cancer growth and proliferation.

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