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Timothy Koschmann, PhD

Professor, Department of Medical Education


Research Interests & Projects

His research has shifted from an initial concern with how technology might be used to augment collaborative forms of instruction to more fundamental inquiry into the social organization of learning and instruction. These he studies (along with a variety of other closely related phenomena such as discovery, understanding, and reason) as interactional matters. This work is ethnomethodologically-informed and draws on the methods and findings of Conversation Analysis. Koschmann has conducted fieldwork in a variety of settings most, but not all, of which have been medically-related.

Teaching Interests & Activities

Related to his interests in language and social interaction, Dr. Koschmann conducts an elective annually on doctor/patient interaction. He also supervises an elective on documentary filmmaking entitled, "Patient Stories."


University of Missouri-Kansas City (Philosophy, B.A., 1968-1972), University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (Psychology, M.S., 1976-1980), Illinois Institute of Technology (Computer Science, Ph.D., 1982-1987)


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