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March 2021: Medical Students Working with Local Physicians

March 2, 2021

Family physicians in several Illinois communities are hosting students from Southern Illinois University School of Medicine through March 26. The students are participating in the school’s Family Medicine Preceptorship Program.

This experience provides an opportunity for students to use their medical knowledge in a clinic setting under the supervision of a seasoned physician. The students choose from more than 160 family practice physicians in Illinois for their preceptorship service. They will graduate from medical school in May 2022, then pursue advanced training in a specific area of medicine before beginning practice. Since 1981, 2,764 students have participated in the program, which is offered by the school’s Department of Family and Community Medicine.

The mission of SIU School of Medicine is to optimize the health of the people of central and southern Illinois through education, patient care, research and service to the community. SIU Medicine, the health care practice of the school of medicine, includes clinics and offices with more than 300 providers caring for patients throughout the region. An international leader in medical education, the school is based in Carbondale and Springfield and is specifically oriented to educating new physicians prepared to practice in Illinois. Since 1975, 3,024 physicians have earned SIU medical degrees. For information, call SIU Medicine’s main number, 217-545-8000, or visit

Preceptor Students

  • William Giesing, son of Michael and Kelley Giesing of Quincy, is the guest of Dr. Michael Eling with Rural Health Associates in Freeburg.
  • Logan Grubb, daughter of David and Bonnie Grubb of Panama City Beach, Fl., is the guest of Jennifer Schuermann, MD, in Springfield.
  • Barra Madden, daughter of Barry Madden of Leighton, Al., and Pamela Brown of Rochester, NY, is the guest of Walter Cunnington, MD, at Community Medical Clinic of Pana. 
  • Tyler Maggio, son of Tom and Dana Maggio of Rockford, is the guest of Jon Strutzenberg, DO, at Mercy Health Hospital in Winnebago.
  • Navoda Mirihagalle, son of Lalith Mirihagalle and Devika Bowathura of Savoy, is the guest of Larry Sapetti, MD, at Springfield Clinic Wabash.
  • Sasha Mozelewski, daughter of Gary Mozelewski of Nashville and Ruth and Keith Sims of DuQuoin, is the guest of Clare Williams, MD, with Murphysboro Health Center. 
  • Felicia Olawuni, daughter of Timothy and Florence Olawuni of Takoma Park, Md., is the guest of SIU Center for Family Medicine in Carbondale.
  • Luis Rubio, son of Ventura and Amparo Rubio of West Chicago, is the guest of SIU Center for Family Medicine in Decatur.
  • Matt Turner, son of Willard and Denise Turner of Troy, is the guest of Patrick Zimmermann, MD, with Family Medicine Associates in Collinsville.