Resident and fellow wellness

Here at SIU, we understand the importance of maintaining academic excellence and personal wellness.  Our program is committed to supporting both.



The SIU Institute for Plastic Surgery is located in Springfield, Illinois, which has a population of 115,000 people.  Housing is particularly affordable in Springfield, allowing many of our residents to own their first homes during residency.  Additionally, the commute to work can be incredibly minimal, depending on where you live. Many of our residents live around Washington Park, which allows them to live in beautiful neighborhoods with a 10 minute drive to work each day.  Other residents live downtown (also 5 minutes from the hospitals), and some even choose to live in nearby towns (20 minutes from the hospital).  There are many different living arrangements suitable for each residents’ needs.



When we aren’t at the hospital, residents often gather together for fun activities including dining at the many absolutely delicious and quaint restaurants around the city, participating in Downtown Springfield, Inc.’s activities and festivals, wineries and breweries, running and biking trails, boating, and working out.





Our program is also supportive of residents with families and those wanting to start families, which is an important factor for people who are deciding where they want to train.  Home ownership and close proximity to the hospital is a large factor in this.  Additionally, Springfield is a very family city good parks, children’s groups and activities, great schools, friendly people, and a relaxed atmosphere.  There are multiple childcare options from day care to nannies.



Both hospitals offer free parking for residents, and both have free food in the doctors’ lounges that is available to residents.  Cold meals and snacks are available at all times and warm meals are provided for lunches and dinners.  Additionally, both hospitals provide secure sleep rooms.


Night Float

Night float contributes to several important aspects of wellness: less frequent 24-hour calls, sleep, time to study, and time at home.  The night float system was implemented several years ago, and it has been a beneficial way to ensure residents are not violating duty hours and are able to maintain a work-life balance. 


Wellness Fund

The SIU Plastic Surgery Residency has a Wellness Fund to further emphasize our support for residents’ wellbeing. The fund is used for group post-inservice trips and fun group activities throughout the year.