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Employee Benefits

Scroll down to see a brief explanation of each of the employee benefits offered by the SIU School of Medicine.

Summary of Employee Benefits

Summary of individual benefits offered by the SIU School of Medicine. 

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Insurance Benefits

We are able to satisfy the insurance needs of our employees by offering multiple options for medical, dental, vision and life insurance.


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Retirement Options

All full time employees and those employees on continuing contracts are required to participate in the State Universities Retirement System (SURS) which provides retirement, disability, and other services to employees of the SIU School of Medicine.


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Paid Time Off

The SIU School of Medicine offers its employees paid holidays, paid vacation and sick time as well as several other forms of time away from work with pay.

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Deferred Compensation and Tax Deferred Annuities

SIU School of Medicine offers a variety of deferred compensation and tax deferred annuity products that will fit your retirement needs.

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Flexible Spending Accounts

The SIU Shool of Medicine offers two options for using pre-tax dollars to fund accounts from which they can pay medical and dependent care expenses, thus achieving a tax savings.


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Tuition Assistance Programs

By offering several options to help offset the cost of higher education tuition fees, the SIU School of Medicine is helping to support the continuing education of its employees and their dependents. 


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Credit Unions

SIU School of Medicine has partnered with several credit unions located around our Springfield and Carbondale campuses.  These credit unions offer all of the same conveniences and services as the local banks.


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