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SIU Medicine recruiting patients for psoriasis study

August 21, 2019
SPRINGFIELD, IL – Southern Illinois University School of Medicine researchers are enrolling patients in a new oral medication study for psoriasis, a chronic skin condition caused by an overactive immune system.
People with psoriasis experience flaking, inflammation and thick, white, silvery or red patches of skin. Common treatments include creams, light therapy, and oral and injectable medications. Anyone can develop psoriasis, and there is no cure for it.
The POETYK PsO study will give participants the opportunity to try a new investigational drug designed to block a protein called TYK2 within their immune system. The randomized clinical trial could lead to long-term relief of symptoms.
Stephen Stone, MD, professor of internal medicine at SIU School of Medicine, will serve as the primary investigator on the study. Dr. Stone is the Director of Clinical Research for Dermatology and specializes in acne, psoriasis and skin cancer.
“Psoriasis causes levels of pain and irritation that make people alter their lives,” Stone said. “It can be brought on by an injury to the skin, a bug bite or a bad sunburn. Stress, smoking and alcohol consumption can also trigger outbreaks. For patients who can’t manage their psoriasis with topical medications, this trial offers a new approach.”
If you have stable, moderate-to-severe plaque psoriasis and are at least 18 years old, you may qualify for this study. For more information about the POETYK PsO clinical trial, contact Vineela Sunkepalli at 217-545-7321 or visit