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John M Flack, MD, MPH

Professor and Chair, 2016 - present
Chief, Hypertension Specialty Services, 2016 - Present


Professional Service
  • Vice President, American Society of Hypertension (ASH) Specialist Board 2014 – present
  • Member, AHA Scientific Statement Writing Group on Resistant Hypertension 2016 – 2017
  • Member, AHA Research Strategic Outcomes Committee 2017 – present
  • Member, National Institutes of Health (NIH) Institutional Training Mechanism Review Study Section 2014 – 2018
  • Member, Psychosocial Risk and Disease Prevention Study Section, Office of Behavioral and Social sciences Diseases (NIH) 2007 – 2011
  • President, International Society on Hypertension in Blacks (ISHIB) 2001 – 2001
  • Past member, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Cardio-renal Advisory Panel

Editorial Boards

  • Associate Editor, American Journal of Hypertension 2016 – present
  • Associate Editor, Cardiorenal Medicine
  • Editorial Board member, Metabolic Syndrome and Drug Therapy
  • Editorial Board member, Journal of Endocrine Disorders
  • Editorial Board member, Journal of Clinical Nephrology and Research
  • Annals of Clinical and Experimental Hypertension
  • Journal of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Obesity
  • British Biotechnology Journal
  • Advances in Combination Treatments for Hypertension
  • Journal of Diabetes Research and Clinical Metabolism (JDRCM)
  • Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology and Physiology
  • Kidney and Blood Pressure Research
  • CardioRenal Medicine
  • Integrated Blood Pressure Control
  • Therapeutic Advances in Cardiovascular Disease
  • Journal of Clinical Hypertension
  • Current Cardiovascular Reports
  • Current Hypertension Reviews
  • Internal Medicine/Cardiology News


Langston University, B.S., Chemistry (Math Minor),1978, University of Oklahoma School of Public Health, MPH, 1988, University of Minnesota School of Public Health, MPH Epidemology, 1990
Medical School: 
University of Oklahoma School of Medicine, Oklahoma City, OK
University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, Oklahoma Memorial Hospital, Oklahoma City, OK , Chief Resident, 1985-1986
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, (Cardiovascular Epidemiology) National Heart Lung and Blood Institute, 1990, American Society of Hypertension (FASH), Fellow - 2012



Chronic Renal Insufficiency Cohort Study (CRIC)
Funding:  University of Michigan NIDDK 5K24DK062234 UM Subcontract ($613,942)
Purpose:  NIH-Sponsored, multicenter, prospective cohort study designed to determine the risk factors for accelerated decline in renal function and to evaluate the incidence and risk factors for cardiovascular disease (CVD) in patients with chronic renal insufficiency (CRI).
Period:  05/04-ongoing
Role:  Co-Investigator-Wayne State University site
FTE:  0%
Bayer Protocol 16244: A Randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, parallel-group, multi-center, event-driven Phase III study to investigate the efficacy and safety of finerenone, in addition to standard of care, on the progression of kidney disease in subjects with type 2 diabetes mellitus and the clinical diagnosis of diabetic kidney disease.
Funding:  Bayer
Period:  12/18/2015—ongoing
Role:  Principal Investigator – Southern Illinois University
FTE:  5%
A Phase 3 randomized, open-label, active-controlled, parallel-group, multi-center, event driven study in non-dialysis subjects with anemia associated with chronic kidney disease to evaluate the safety and efficacy of GSK1278863 compared to darbepoetin alf
Funding:  Glaxo Smith Kline - (approx. $210,000)
Purpose:  To demonstrate whether GSK1278863 is non-inferior or superior to darbepoetin alfa for cardiovascular safety
Period:  04/2016-Ongoing
Role:  Principal Investigator
FTE:  5%
Illinois Precision Medicine Consortium – Southern Illinois University site
Funding:  National Institute of Health Grant Number:UG3 OD023189
Purpose:  This grant is to recruit a large cohort (~13,000) of individuals from 1 years of age and older who also have electronic health records for a standardized clinical     assessment administration of questionnaires and the provision of biological specimens for the precision medicine initiative.
Role:  Principal Investigator – Southern Illinois University
FTE:  5%

GRANTS AND CONTRACTS (Submitted but Unfunded):

Effect of Vitamin D in Pre-diabetes and Obesity
Funding:  NIDDK
Purpose:  To determine the relative impact of high-dose Vit D (3600IU/D) relative tolow-dose (500IU/D) on visceral adiposity, glycemic control, inflammation and traditional CVD risk factors in obese normotensive African Americans with pre-diabetes.
Period:  9/1/2013 – 8/31/2017 (Not funded)
Role:  Principal Investigator
FTE:  30%


Adjunct Vitamin D Therapy with Vitamin D as a Means to Reduce Disparities  Subclinical Target-Organ Cardiac Damage Among Vulnerable Hypertensive Patients.
Funding:  NIH/NIMHD (1R01 MD005849-01A1) ($1,250,000)
Purpose:  Vitamin D deficiency may be an important contributor to racial differences in hypertensive heart disease but whether adjunct vitamin D therapy provides benefit is unknown. We seek to ascertain the effect of adjunct vitamin D therapy on left ventricular hypertrophy (primary aim), myocardial fibrosis and central vascular function (secondary aims) at one-year using a placebo controlled, randomized design.
Period:  03/01/11-02/28/16
Role:  Co-investigator
FTE:  5%
Aspirin in Reducing Events in the Elderly (ASPREE)
Funding:  National Institute on Aging/Berman Center for Outcomes and Clinical Research Subcontract ($2,088,000)
Purpose: The purpose of this project aims to assess whether aspirin can not only prolong life but help provide a life free of physical disability and/or dementia for healthy older people.
Period:  04/01/2010 through 03/31/2017
Role:  Principal Investigator-Wayne State University site
FTE:  5%
Vitamin D Augmentation of Tekturna® (Aliskiren) in Hypertension (VDATH)
Funding:  Novartis Pharmaceutical Corporation ($512,733)
Purpose:  The overarching hypothesis is that African Americans with hypertension have an overactive renin angiotensin system at the tissue level and a metabolic milieu (high oxidative stress and depressed nitric oxide metabolism), both conceivably as a consequence of or at least significantly influenced by, vitamin D deficiency.  We posit that this results in the lesser average BP response to monotherapy with renin angiotensin system blockers.  (Investigator initiated; sponsor terminated study after enrolling 10 patients because of safety concerns with aliskiren emanating from another trial)
Period:  01/01/2011 through 07/31/2012
Role:  Principal Investigator
FTE:  5%
Community Network Program for Older Underserved African American Adults          
Funding:  NIH (NCI) ($2,580,746)
Purpose:  To propose an active and comprehensive community-based program to reduce disparities of breast, prostate, colorectal, and lung cancer in older African American Adults in metropolitan Detroit.
Period:  04/01/05 through 03/31/10
Role:  Co-Investigator
FTE:  10%
A Prospective, Randomized, Open-Label Clinical Trial to Evaluate the Effect of Tekturna® (Aliskiren), Angiotensin Inhibitors, Diuretics, and Calcium Channel Blockers on Coronary Flow Reserve in Patients with Type II Diabetes and Hypertension
Funding:  Novartis Pharmaceutical Corporation/William Beaumont Hospitals Subcontract ($53,448)
Purpose:  To evaluate the effects of a Tekturna (aliskiren) on coronary flow reserve in diabetic, hypertensive patients being treated with an ACE inhibitor and amlodipine.
Period:  04/01/2010 through 03/31/2011
Role:  Principal Investigator
Mechanisms of Meditation in Hypertension in Blacks
Funding:  NIH-NHLBI
Institution:  Maharishi University of Management Research Institute/Center for Natural Medicine and Prevention
Purpose:  To develop research infrastructure to enhance the conduct of multi-disciplinary, disparities related research.
Period:  2/2008-2012
Role:  Data Safety and Monitoring Board Member
FTE:  0%
Cardiovascular Outcomes in Renal Atherosclerotic Lesions (CORAL)
Funding:  National Institute of Health/University of Toledo Subcontract  ($26,925)
Purpose:  A prospective, multi-center, unblinded, two-arm, randomized trial to test the hypothesis that medical therapy with stenting of significant renal artery stenoses in patients with systolic hypertension reduces the incidence of adverse cardiovascular and renal events compared with medical therapy alone.
Period:  9/06 through 12/12
Role:  Principal Investigator-Wayne State University site
FTE:  1%
Center for Urban and African American Urban Health.
Funding:  National Institute of Environmental Health Science [ES-012395]  ($5,946,924)
Purpose  Understanding the mechanisms operating at multiple levels (environment, lifestyle, physiology, genetics) mediating known disparate chronic conditions and their precursors and to identify preventive strategies and therapeutic approaches that might alleviate the disproportionate burden of disease
Period:  09/01/2003 through 05/31/2008
Role:  Principal Investigator
FTE:   25 % 
          - Principal Investigator Administrative Core ($543,876) - 10% Effort
          - Principal Investigator Individual R01 Project:Obesity, Nitric Oxide, Oxidative Stress and Salt Sensitivity ($483,796) - 15% Effort
Research Enhancement Grant
Funding:  Wayne State University Office of the President & Provost ($1,800,000)
Purpose:  To develop research infrastructure to enhance the conduct of multi-disciplinary, disparities related research.
Period:  11/2004-10/2007
Role:  Principal Investigator
FTE:  0%
Comprehensive Treatment and Support Intervention [CTSI-D] for Diabetes
Funding:  International Society of Hypertension in Blacks/Association of Teachers in Preventive Medicine/Center for Disease Control ($402,756.00)
Purpose:  Intervention to provide a comprehensive, evidence-based decision support to internal medicine house-officers and attendings using the MedTrace electronic medical clinical decision support system at two internal medicine resident clinics at major academic centers.
Period:  1/2002 through 12/2005
Role:  Principal Investigator
FTE:  13%
Nurse-Managed Blood Pressure Telemonitoring with African Americans
Funding:  National Institute of Health ($1,490,000.00)
Purpose:To compare usual care only with home telemonitoring/telecounseling plus usual care to determine which has the greatest effect on change In blood pressure form baseline; and to examine why the intervention works to control blood pressure by examining selected mediators, ie, dietary habits, physical activity level, weight loss, reduced alcohol intake habits, physical activity level, weight loss, reduced alcohol intake, compliance with an antihypertensive medication regimen, and contact with primary care provider.
Period:  09/2000 through 09/2005
Role:  Co-Investigator
FTE:  6%
Secondary Prevention of Small Subcortical Strokes (SPS3)
Funding:  University of Texas Health Science Center NIH-NINDS
Purpose:  To define efficacious therapies for cerebral small artery disease and its two most common clinical manifestations: small subcortical strokes (S3) (a.k.a. lacunar strokes) and cognitive decline (vascular dementia)
Role: Investigator
FTE:  10%
Multi-center, Double-blind, Randomized Placebo-controlled Parallel Group
Funding:  MSP Singapore Co., LLC c/o Merck & Co., Inc. 
Purpose:  6-week study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of ezetimbe 10/day when added to ongoing therapy with a statin verses statin therapy alone, in patients with hypercholesterolemia who have not reached National Cholesterol Education Program (NCEP) Adult Treatment Panel (ATP) III target LDL-cholesterol level.
Period:  05/20/2002 through 02/01/ 2003
Role:  Principal Investigator
FTE: 5%
A 6-week Randomized, Open-label, Comparative Study to Evaluate the Efficacy and Safety of Rosovastatin and Atorvastatin in the Treatment of hypercholestorolemia in African-American subjects (ARIES).
Funding:  Astra Zeneca Pharmaceutical
Purpose:  Compare the efficacy of 2 doses of rosovastatin (10 & 20 mg) with 2 doses of atorvastatin (10 & 20 mg) in African-American Subjects with high cholesterol by measuring the percent change in LDL-C from base line after 6 weeks of treatment.
Period:  01/02/2002 through 05/15/2003
Role:  Principal Investigator
FTE:  5%
A Randomized, Multicenter, Double-Blind, Parallel group Study to Determine the Safety and Efficacy of Lotrel versus Enalapril in the Treatment of Hypertension in an African-American Population with Type 2 Diabetes
Funding:  Novartis Pharmaceuticals ($42,460.00)
Purpose:  Determine the safety and effectiveness of lotrel (a combination of enalapril in the treatment of high blood pressure (hypertension) in African American men and women who have Type II Diabetes.
Period:  12/2/2002 through 10/30/2003
Role:  Principal Investigator
FTE:  5%
A Multicenter, Open-label, Flexible Dose Escalation Study to Evaluate the Correlation between event Log Parameters, Self Esteem/Overall Relationships Efficacy of Viagra ®) (Sildenifil Citrate) in Men with Erectile Dysfunction
Funding:  Pfizer Pharmaceuticals ($11,437.50)
Purpose:  To determine the correlation between changes in the self-esteem domain score of the Self-Esteem/Overall Relationship Questionnaire (SEAR) and measures of intercourse success (obtained from patient event logs), and improved erectile function (obtained from the Erectile Function (EF) domain of the (IIEF) in male outpatients with erectile dysfunction.
Period:  5/2002-12/2002
Role:  Principal Investigator
FTE:  4%
The DREAM (Diabetes Reduction Assessment with Raimpril and Rosiglitizone Medication) Trial
Funding:  Hamilton Health Sciences Corp. ($68,250.00)
Purpose:  The DREAM trial is designed to determine if treatment with either ramipril and/or rosiglitizone will prevent or reduce the incidence of diabetes in people with impaired glucose tolerance (IGT) or impaired fasting glucose (IFG).
Period:  6/4/2002-12/31/2007
Role:  Principal Investigator
FTE:  5%
A 12-Week, Multicenter, Double Blind, Parallel, Forced-Titration Study of Teveten Eprosartan Mesylate; SK&F 108566-J) at Doses of 600 mg and 1200mg Given Once Daily and Enalapril (20mg and 40mg) Given Once Daily Compared to Placebo in African-American Patients with Essential Hypertension SitDBP>95 and <109 mmHG and SitSBP >145 and <179 mmHg) During Periods With and Without Supplemental Salt Intake (100mmol/day) Protocol 155.
Funding:  SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceuticals  ($42,480)
Purpose:  To determine the blood pressure lowering efficacy of a novel angiotensin receptor antagonist in African-Americans, to determine the influence of dietary sodium administration on the antihypertensive efficacy of this agent in stage 1-2 hypertensives.
Period:  1998-ongoing
Role:  National Principal Investigator of this Multicenter Clinical Trial
Sodium and Angiotensin Peptide Protocol [SAAP] A Pilot Study
Funding:  Internal Funding
Purpose:  Evaluating the impact of dietary sodium consumption on both ambulatory and cuff blood pressure, arterial compliance and to correlate sodium consumption with markers of target-organ-damage in African American women with normal to high blood pressure.
Period:  1998
Role:  Principal Investigator
Hemodynamic Determinants of the Blood Pressure Response to Accumulated Physical Activity in African American Women
Funding:  Harper Hospital Foundation ($24,981)
Purpose:  To investigate the hemodynamic and hormonal effects of moderate intensity physical activity on sedentary African-American women with high-normal to stage 1 blood pressure evaluation.
Period:  1998-99
Role:  Principal Investigator
Evaluation of the Antihypertensive Efficacy, Safety, and Tolerability of Candesartan Cilexetil in Comparison to Amlodipine: A Multicenter, Double Blind, Randomized, Parallel Group, Forced Titration Study (CASTLE Study) Protocol # 176
Funding:  Astra Merck  ($30,000)
Purpose:  Evaluate the efficacy, safety and tolerability of Candesartan cilexetil in hypertensive
Period:  1998
Role:  Principal Investigator
A Multicenter, Double-blind, randomized, parallel group, placebo-controlled study to investigate the antihypertensive efficacy and safety of Losartan in African Americans with mild-to-moderate hypertension (protocol 172)
Funding:  Merck & Company
Purpose:  To investigate the antihypertensive efficacy of losartan in African Americans with mild-to-moderate hypertension
Period:  1998
Role:  National Principal Investigator of this Multicenter Clinical Trial
A Multicenter, Single-Blind Trial Evaluating the Efficacy of Amlodipine in Patients with Severe Hypertension  R0515
Funding:  Pfizer, Incorporated  ($39,760)
Purpose:  Evaluate efficacy of amlodipine in patients with severe hypertension
Period:  1997
Role:  Principal Investigator (#H09 16 97 (MO1)-FB)
Efficacy of Candesartan Cilexetil in Hypertensive Black Patients: A Double Blind, Randomized, Placebo Controlled, Parallel Group Design Study with an Open Label, Long Term Extension (ABC, Protocol 140)
Funding:  Astra Merck  ($60,000)
Purpose:  To evaluate the efficacy of Candesartan in African Americans with mild-to-moderate hypertension.
Period:  1998
Role:  Principal Investigator
Accupril Titration Interval Management Evaluation Trial (ATIME Study, Protocol 906-394)
Funding:  Parke-Davis  ($555,445)
Purpose:  To provide data coordination services for Antihypertensive drug trial involving 3000 participants at 400 clinical sites in the United States
Period:  1996-1998 (completed)
Role:  Principal Investigator (Investigator Initiated)
“RFA, Vascular Disease Academic Award
Funding:  NHLBI HL-94-015/k07 ($561,660)
Purpose  To promote the discipline of vascular medicine through teaching, clinical, and research activities.
Period:  1995-00
Role:  Co-Principal Investigator/Medical Director
"A Randomized Double-Blind, Outpatient, Dose-Titration Trial of ANA-756 vs. Atenlol (Beta-Blocker) In Patients with Essential Hypertension"
Funding:Wyeth-Ayerst Research
Purpose:  To compare the safety and effectiveness of increasing doses of ANA-756 and atenolol (beta-blocker already on the market) on the change in blood pressure in patients with essential hypertension.
Period:  1995-95
Role:  Co-Principal Investigator
"Study of Coronary Heart Disease Risk Factors in Young Adults (CARDIA)"
Funding  NHLBI/NIH NO1 HV487048                                                    $2,471,875
Purpose:  To monitor the evolution of cardiovascular risk factors and their determinants in a biracial cohort of young adults.      
Period:  1993-94
Role:   Principal Investigator
"Women's Health Trial"
Funding:  NIH - N01 WH3 2101 ($10,863,212)
Purpose:  A randomized, controlled, multicenter trial designed to evaluate the feasibility of recruiting women of different socio-economic status and minority groups and to determine whether these women can achieve and maintain low-fat eating habits.
Period:  1993-95
Role:  Co-Principal Investigator (Dr. Grimm, Principal Investigator)
"Multicenter Efficacy and Tolerability Study Comparing Proscar (Finasteride) and Placebo in the Treatment of Symptomatic Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia in a Primary Care Setting (PROSCAR Study)"
Funding: Merck Human Health  ($37,500)         
Purpose:  To examine the efficacy and tolerability of therapy with Proscar (finasteride) in patients with moderate to severe symptomatic benign prostatic hypertrophy.
Period:  1993-95
Role:  Principal Investigator
"Healthy Eating and Lifestyle Program (HELP)"        
Funding:  $3,000
Purpose:  Attempt to decrease the prevalence of cardiovascular risk factors in two predominantly African-American church congregations through peer counseling.
Period:  1993-94          
Role:  Principal Investigator  
"Sodium Sensitivity in Blacks" (SNaP)
Funding:  NIH/NHLBI R01 - HL - 46630 - 01A1 ($1,394,250)
Purpose:  To identify factors which predict a pressor effect with sodium chloride administration in African Americans.
Period:  1992-94
Role:  Co-Principal Investigator (Dr. Grimm, Principal Investigator)
"Craniomandibular Disorders:  Long-Term Outcome Study"
Funding:NIH  ($502,680)
Purpose:  To compare several different approaches to the management of TMJ disorders.
Period:  1992-97
Role:  Co-Principal Investigator, Epidemiologist
34.Title:  "Arterial Disease Multiple Intervention Trial (The ADMIT Study)"           
Funding:  NIH/NHLBI N01 HC25111 ($485,192)       
Purpose:  To evaluate treatment and prevention strategies for atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disease clinical centers
Period:  1992-95          
Role:  Assistant Project Director (Dr. Hunninghake, Principal Investigator)
"Treatment of Low HDL Cholesterol (TOLC) Study"
Funding:  Innovite - Pharmaceuticals ($38,000)
Purpose:  To determine the relative efficacy of Enduracin, a modified-release niacin preparation, versus Criptalline (unmodified) niacin for raising HDL cholesterol levels in nonsmoking men and women with low HDL (<40 mg/dl)
Period:  1991
Role:  Principal Investigator (Investigator initiated)
"Ambulatory Blood Pressure Study in USA Blacks and Liberian Immigrants"
Funding:  BRSG, University of Minnesota ($6,792)
Purpose:  To make preliminary observations regarding ambulatory blood pressure patterns in United States Blacks and Liberian Immigrants to obtain preliminary estimates of repeatability ambulatory blood pressure measurements in these unique populations.
Period:  1991-92
Role:  Principal Investigator
"Feasibility of Reduction of Dietary Sodium in Black Participants"
Funding:  BRSG ($11,075)
Purpose:  To establish the methodology and demonstrate feasibility of this sodium reduction for an NIH proposal on the evaluation of the effect of dietary sodium intervention on blood pressure in Blacks and Whites.
Period:  1990-91
Role:  Co-Principal Investigator
"Lipid and Thiazide Study (LATS)"
Funding:  Reuben Miller Cardiovascular Fund ($6,000)
Purpose:  To support my ongoing research on the effects of thiazide diuretics on cholesterol distribution across LDL cholesterol subclasses.
Period:  1989-90
Role:  Principal Investigator
"Multicenter Isradipine/Diuretic Atherosclerosis Study (MIDAS)"
Funding:  Sandoz Pharmaceuticals ($759,348)
Purpose:  To monitor the rate of progression of medial intimal thickness in hypertensive men and women with extracranial carotid artery plaque who were randomized a thiazide diuretic or isradipine, a dihypropyridine calcium antagonist.
Period:  1988-92
Role:  Co-Principal Investigator (R. Grimm, PrincipaI Investigator)
"The Effect of Thiazide Diuretics on LDL Cholesterol Subclasses"
Funding:  University of Minnesota School of Public Health Biomedical Research Grant; #BRSG 0696-5725-95   ($11,989)
Purpose:  To assess the influence of thiazide diuretics on the distribution of cholesterol across LDL cholesterol subclasses.
Period:  1989-91
Role:  Principal Investigator
"Northeast Oklahoma City Cholesterol and Cardiovascular Risk Factor Screening and Education Program"
Funding:  University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center Biomedical Research Support Grant ($6,700)
Purpose:  To conduct a church-based cholesterol education program.
Period:  1987-88
Role:  Co-Principal Investigator (W. Wiist, PrincipaI Investigator)
"Lovastatin Dose-Ranging Multicenter Study in Patients with Type II Hypercholesterolemia, Total Cholesterol 240-300 mg/dl With or Without Other Risk Factors and With and Without Evidence of Coronary Disease"
Funding:  Merck Sharp and Dohme ($25,000)
Purpose:  Obtain Lovastatin safety data
Period:  1987-1988
Role:  Principal Investigator
"Treatment of Mild Hypertension Study (TOMHS)"
Funding:  NHLBI/NIH R01 HL34767  ($1,733,971)
Purpose:  To determine optimal treatment of adults with mild diastolic hypertension (90-99 mmHg).
Period:  1985-1991
Role:  Co-Investigator