Kids Health Harbor

A dedicated clinic for children that are displaced from home

The mission of SIU Center for Family Medicine Kids Health Harbor is to provide high quality health care that is coordinated, continuous, and comprehensive provided by culturally competent health care professionals who are familiar with the mandates, obligations, and intricacies of the foster care system in Illinois.


SIU Center for Family Medicine has a dedicated clinic for children that are displaced from home.  Our goal is to provide a medical safety net for children that have experienced adverse childhood events and life disruptions.  We aim to be a supportive member of a team that helps build resiliency and protective factors for vulnerable children and families.

We Provide

  • Initial and comprehensive exams in a safe, pediatric friendly environment
  • Holistic pediatric care delivered by trauma informed staff
  • Medical advocacy
  • Improved communication with all members of the multidisciplinary team
  • Care coordination with close follow up and wellness monitoring
  • Continued care after permanency plan complete
  • Focused transition plan to adult healthcare services
  • Education and events

Terrific Tuesdays

A monthly series of FREE fun events promoting health and healing for patients, families and staff at Kids Health Harbor. These events encourage kids to feel free to express themselves in a safe place.

Due to COVID-19 all events are cancelled, but will resume once safe for patients.