Policy and guidelines governing appropriate use of Library facilities and resources.

User Privileges

Primary users: Faculty, students, staff, and resident physicians of the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine.

Users with reciprocal borrowing privileges:

  • CARLI I-Share Libraries: students, faculty, and staff with current IDs.

Outreach Library: The SIU Medical Library serves as a state and regional resource through the provision of documents and selected reference and outreach services.

The Medical Library meets its education, research, and patient care missions by:

  • Selecting resources to support advanced research, education, and teaching.
  • Providing a professional environment in which users can study, seek and create information, or explore new knowledge sources in a comfortable and conducive setting.
  • Allowing responsible users to access the Library's collection on-site.
  • Giving preference to SIU's primary users if it becomes necessary to prioritize access to library services, materials, equipment, or facilities.

Appropriate Conduct and Use of Library Facilities

  • All areas of the Library must be left free of food, debris, packages, personal items and other clutter.
  • Do not leave windows open.
  • Personal items may not be left overnight.
  • If accompanied by small children, please respect the student study environment.

Cell Phones

  • Set cell phones to silent or vibrate modes while in the Medical Library.
  • Make or receive calls only near the main library entrance.
  • Do not use phones in study or research areas of the Library.

Computer Use

Library computers are available for SIU School of Medicine faculty, staff, and learners. 

When Library computers are not needed by SIU users, visitors may use the computers to access the specialized electronic resources provided by the Medical Library for researching medical and scientific topics and for doing academic and educational work. 

All computer users must abide by the usage policies of Southern Illinois University. (  Internet filtering has been enabled on these computers to comply with SIU usage policies.

Use of these computers is actively monitored. Inappropriate use by visitors may result in loss of access privileges to the Medical Library. 

University-provided equipment and networks (including wireless) may not be used for personal entertainment or commerce.

Food and Drink

  • Beverages in closed containers are allowed in the Library, except near computer and media equipment.
  • Food is not allowed, except in special circumstances, such as pre-arranged conference room lunches.

Unaccompanied Minors

To maintain an environment conducive to study and research and to ensure the safety of any children visiting the library:

  • Children under the age of 14 may not be left unattended in the Library and must be under the direct supervision of an adult (18 years of age or older) caregiver at all times when they are in the Library.