Scientific Editing Service

Department of Information and Communication Sciences faculty will edit manuscripts, abstracts and grant proposals for School of Medicine authors.

The service offers suggestions relevant to journalistic style, clarity and use of appropriate scientific language, but does not review for content.

Papers do not need to be submitted in their entirety. For example, just sections of a grant could be submitted, or the list of references.

The service aims to help with proper wording; especially helpful for those whose first language is not English.


Drafts for editing should be provided as Microsoft Word documents.


Manuscripts submitted to the service should already have received some proofreading.

Reference lists should be complete and include full citations.

References should be organized according to journal requirements - usually in the order cited - and with no duplicates.


Allow a two week turnaround time, unless other arrangements are made.

Contact Us

Send documents to or call Research & Education staff for more information: 217-545-2113