How to structure web content

Structure your content page using the following guidelines:

How to use the toolbar

The size of your text on a page matters. Search engines use the heading to index the structure and content of your web page. Users often skim a page by it's headings. It is important to use headings to show the document structure.

Heading 1 - never use! This will be the title.

Heading 2 - use to categorize the information on your page.

Heading 3 - use for sub categories within main categories on your page.

Heading 4 - If you start with a heading 3 for your main categories, use heading 4 for your sub categories.

Heading 5 - likely used in names, titles, departments or divisions
Heading 6 - likely used as * identifies at the bottom of pages

Normal/Paragraph - writing content. Never structure a sentence in anything other than this format.

Italics - use when referring to a publication, person, or image caption

  • use bullet points to outline topics on the page 
  • bullets can be used as structuring a list of items within a category
    • sub bullets are also used as a list within list
  1. use numbers over bullets when order of operation occurs
  2. or level of importance
  3. or even using as categories without the use of headings.