Our Brand Audiences

Our Primary Audiences

We reach diverse audiences that span an array of personalities and education levels in a variety of different contexts. In fact, it could be argued that we need to reach almost everyone at one time or another.

But to promote an effective brand, we need to think about which groups it’s most necessary to build and maintain a relationship with. These are the people who are central to our mission as a medical school—the audience we couldn’t exist without. 

  • Prospective/current medical student: wants to help people and the community by becoming a doctor, would like to stay close to home or a rural area. 
  • Prospective/current resident: wants to find a program with a good work/life balance, find a program that fits their level of competitiveness, and a program that aligns with their personality and values.
  • Community member: this person may consider us the expert in the medical or educational fields, but is not related to the organization currently - maybe they want us to provide educational events or opportunities to donate funds.
  • Faculty/staff: looking for an institution where they can succeed and grow professionally, many are drawn to the mission and values of SIU Medicine.
  • Patient: looking for quality health care that is easy to access, and to feel comforted that their providers are using the latest knowledge and treatment options at all times. They want to stay active and healthy or return to their previous level of health while trusting SIU as part of that process. If needed, they want access to community resources to make their lives easier.

Our Tone 

Tone is the style of your writing—what sometimes is thought of as your attitude or the sound of your voice. It helps you catch your readers’ attention and establish a relationship with them. Those that recognize your tone, know who you are. Tone is important in the work we do, because it establishes a consistent style and brand presentation across a website or family of publications.

  • Our tone is confident. We are assertive, decisive.
  • Our tone is smart. We are intelligent, sharp.
  • Our tone is empowering. We are inspiring, encouraging.
  • Our tone is welcoming. We are warm, inclusive.
  • Our tone is purposeful. We are clear, direct.

All audiences are not alike, so the degree to which different audiences feel specific tone words should vary. You can dial up or dial down certain tone words when you are communicating with different audiences.

  • Prospective/current medical student: primary tone is smart. 
  • Prospective/current resident: primary tone is purposeful.
  • Community member: primary tone is welcoming.
  • Faculty/staff: primary tone is confident.
  • Patient: primary tone is empowering.

Messaging Tips

It takes a number of elements to tell a great story. But, if the messaging is off, the whole project falls flat.

By using the SIU brand architecture for guidance, you can ensure your audience stays engaged until the very last word. Give your content the structure it needs to be successful.

Whether you're creating an ad, brochure, website landing page, or social media post, your content should share a common structure.

1. An overarching headline

The headline should grab your reader’s attention and set the tone using your single-minded communication idea.

2. At least one chunk (or paragraph) of body copy

The amount of content necessary will vary depending on what you’re writing, but it is essential to explain what you want your reader to do—and why. When writing your body copy, allow the SIU brand voice and personality to guide you. Try to convey only one idea per paragraph or chunk.

3. A call to action

At the end of your content, tell your audience what to do next. You’ve taken the time to share a new piece of information with them—now make sure they know what to do with it.