The Medical and Dental Education Preparatory Program (MEDPREP) is a two-year post-baccalaureate program designed to help students from socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds and from groups traditionally underrepresented in medicine prepare for medical and dental school application and entry.

Program Features

  • Small class size: we only accept 30-35 students per year.

  • Preparation for medical (DO or MD) or dental (DDS) professional school entry.

  • All first-year MEDPREP classes are MCAT and DAT preparatory, and stress foundational knowledge, deep understanding, and application of concepts.

  • Dedicated faculty: MEDPREP courses are taught by full-time MEDPREP faculty with offices in the building.

  • Access to upper-division and graduate courses taught by Southern Illinois University School of Medicine (SIUSOM) faculty, particularly in the second year.

  • Personal, one-on-one advising from MEDPREP faculty.

  • Instruction on study skills, time management, and active-learning approaches to academic success.

  • Help with preparation of medical and dental school primary and secondary applications.

  • "Mock" MCAT/DAT exam program to prepare for medical/dental school admissions tests.

  • Consideration for entry into Southern Illinois University School of Medicine through our Alliance Program.

MEDPREP Pathways

Students choose from two MEDPREP pathways. Click on the links to find out more about each path:

  • The Traditional Pathway. Students complete two years of post-baccalaureate undergraduate coursework and earn a certificate. The traditional pathway is recommended for students who are working to improve their GPA, strengthen their foundational knowledge, and maximize their MCAT or DAT exam score, to improve their candidacy for medical or dental school.                             

  • The Master of Biological Sciences - MEDPREP pathway (MBS-MP). Students in this pathway complete the requirements for a master's degree in the biological sciences integrated with MEDPREP foundational and study skills courses. Students with an interest in research as part of their career trajectory, or with a strong GPA in the biological sciences, may consider this pathway. MBS-MP students focus on MCAT/DAT preparation alongside Traditional Pathway and MPH-MP students.


Program Timeline

MEDPREP is a two-year, intensive, in-residence program located in Carbondale, IL. Because cohort building, group study, and personalized advising are hallmarks of our program, we do not have an online option. The program consists of five terms (summer, fall and spring in year 1, and fall and spring in year 2). Students may opt to take coursework in the summer between years 1 and 2.

Year 1

  • Summer Boot Camp (required). A six week, six credit summer session starting the last week of June and running through the first week of August. The boot camp emphasizes active learning approaches and cohort building while beginning the content review in behavioral and biological sciences, chemistry, and quantitative reasoning.

  • Fall Semester (required). Students complete MEDPREP coursework in behavioral science, biology, chemistry, physics, reading the analysis, and study skills, take professional seminars to prepare for professional school application and matriculation. Students take one additional science course on the SIUC campus. We follow the SIUC course calendar for a 15 week semester (late August-mid December).

  • Spring Semester (required). Students continue MEDPREP coursework in biological science, biology, chemistry and reading analysis, as well as professional preparation seminars. Emphasis is placed this semester on additional preparation for MCAT or DAT examinations. Students take one additional science course on the SIUC campus. We follow the SIUC course calendar for a 15 week semester (mid-January - mid-May).

Year 2

  • Summer Coursework (optional for). Both traditional or MBS-MP students may choose to stay for summer courses on the SIUC campus (variable schedules, offered between June-August), or may leave campus to participate in premedical programs on other campuses, engage in research, mentor for programs such as Upward Bound or Envision, or work. Students also submit medical/dental school applications at this time.

  • Fall Semester (required). Emphasis is on additional preparation for medical/dental school. Students choose appropriate courses in consultation with their MEDPREP academic advisors.  

  • Spring Semester (required). Emphasis is on additional preparation for medical/dental school, and for MBS-MP students, completion of master's level coursework for the degree. Students choose appropriate courses in consultation with their MEDPREP academic advisors.


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