About Mock Page

Mock Pages were first developed in 2002 at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine for the Surgical Resident Preparation Course. Mock Pages were incorporated into the National Curriculum of Resident Preparatory electives in 2011.  In 2014 The American Board of Surgery (ABS), American College of Surgeons (ACS), Association of Program Directors in Surgery (APDS) and the Association for Surgical Education (ASE) called for a dedicated surgical resident preparatory curriculum for all entering surgical residents for which the Mock Page program at SIU School of Medicine is a pivotal segment.

The SIU Mock Page Simulated Program offers:          

  • Well developed, tested and validated patient case scenarios on common post operative complications (see references)
  • Advanced Practiced Critical Care Registered Nurses with over 13 years of experience providing Mock Page scenarios.
  • Effective feedback provided immediately after each call from highly qualified staff.
  • 43 of the nationally recognized ACS/APDS/ASE Resident Prep Curriculum objectives can be met
  • Used as one component that can fulfill the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) competency based supervision requirements for your PGY1 residents.
  • Well developed curriculum
    • Clear guidelines for preparing your faculty and participants for the Mock Page experience.
    • Power Point presentation that can be used for didactic portion of the introductory training session.
  • Instructor guide with session objectives, session format, and recommended questions for facilitating debriefing session are provided.  
  • Well developed data base enabling our program to generate the following reports:
    • Individualized participant reports
    • Weekly debriefing report for overall group performance
    • Institutional comparison reports that provide individual case performance compared to all institutions that participate in the mock page program.
  • Customizable Mock Page Packages


Former Participating Institutions

Boston Medical Center
Cornell University
Duke University
Indiana University
Louisiana State University
Medical College of Georgia
Metro Health (Case Western)
Perelman School of Medicine
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
University of California San Diego
University of Florida
University of Michigan
University of Mississippi Medical Center
University of Nevada
University of New Mexico
University of Pittsburgh
University of South Florida
University of Texas Medical Branch
University of Utah
University of Virginia
Washington University


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