Program Services

Available Services

Southern Illinois University School of Medicine shall furnish the professional services of the Department of Surgery Clinical Nurse Educators and/or other designated professionals of the School of Medicine as deemed necessary and appropriate. Services shall include the following:

Comprehensive package

Extensive package

Limited package

  • 5 calls (no night calls)
  • Day calls are made between 0800-2000 each day.
  • Night calls can be provided with an additional cost.
  • If night calls are requested they will be given Monday-Thursday between 2400-0400 to make sure they are awakened for the experience. During the weeks of night call they will still get daytime pages as well but they are only awakened once each week.
  • Provide scenario regarding patient when Participant responds to page and provide appropriate assessment data and management plan upon Participant’s request.
  • Upon completion of call participants are provided immediate feedback about their assessment and management of the patient as well as their communication skills.
  • Reports will include the following:
  • ACS/APDS/ASE Resident Prep Curriculum Objectives met
  • Fee schedule

Small Group Session

  • Participants will be meeting in small groups of no more than 5-6 participants with a faculty member from your institution.
  • A total of 10-12 cases will be provided to the small group with each participant having the opportunity to answer 2 “calls”. The phone calls are initiated by an advanced practice registered nurse simulating a page concerning a patient that has a post-operative medical complication that needs to be addressed by the medical participant. 
  • Participants will receive a scenario regarding a patient problem. The participant will be expected to request appropriate assessment data and provide a management plan.
  • Upon completion of all of the simulated cases, the participants will receive feedback about their medical management of the patient as well as their communication skills by the faculty member present at the local institution.
  • Each small group session will take approximately 60 minutes to complete all cases. This time frame does not include feedback provided by the faculty at the local institution.
  • Fee schedule

Weekly Debriefing Reports

  • Debriefing reports are used to summarize the participants overall performance to help guide the faculty as to what specifically they need to highlight during the discussion of each case.
  • This will also include an instructor’s guide that provides session objectives, session format, and recommended questions for facilitating discussion.

Individual Profile Reports

  • The results in this profile provide an overall assessment of all cases provided during the “Mock Page” exercise.
  • These reports have been used to send to the student’s program director for verification of completion for individual cases.
  • Debriefing reports can only be generated if staff at your site enters your participant’s case performance in our database. The link to the database is provided at no additional cost.
  • The passing standards were set with the goal that a learner who passes a particular case would be allowed to assess the condition and initiate care with indirect supervision as an intern.
  • The minimum standards include identification of specific clinical decision-making points for each case that were considered to be “critical fails” if not done or done inappropriately.
  •  If all “critical fail” items are avoided the minimum percentage correct passing score also needs to be met.
  • The minimum percentage passing score set for each case is based on the performance of more than 200 participants from multiple institutions.
  • Fee schedule

Institutional Comparison Reports:

  • The final comparison report will be sent after all participating institutions have completed the mock page program at the completion of each academic year.
  • We will provide you with a comparison of how your participants performed compared to all participants on each individual case received.