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Health Career Opportunities group tours School of Medicine

May 23, 2019

SIU School of Medicine was founded in 1970 to fill the need for more physicians and to improve the health of the people of central and southern Illinois. For recruitment, the school casts its nets wide across the state, with an emphasis on home-grown learners within its 66-county service region. “We have a great deal of talent in our rural communities,” says Dr. Jerry Kruse, dean and provost of SIUSOM. “We want to be sure to encourage that talent to flourish in every way possible.”

SIU’s Office of Regional Programs coordinates a Health Career Opportunities program that includes presentations from health care providers and visits to regional health centers in the area. On May 3, more than 50 high school and community college students visited SIU School of Medicine and the Memorial Center for Learning and Innovation for a day of education and horizon broadening.

The students represented Spoon River College and high schools in Jacksonville, Canton, Havana and Mason City (Illini Central). Campus tours and talks included discussion of pediatrics, medical research, problem-based learning, dermatology and more. The guests were also able to ask questions of current medical students during a morning panel. The presenters emphasized that the medical field is rich with career opportunities, and SIU offers stellar support for the students' many aspirations.