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Fertility & IVF Patient Information

The SIU Fertility and IVF Center has extensive expertise in dealing with fertility problems, and due to our treatments, many of our patients experience the joys of parenthood.  Proper evaluation and therapy have led to our high success rates as reported to the Society of Assisted Reproductive Technologies (SART) ( and to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) (, to which we are members.  Our fertility specialists’ first goal is to seek out and correct the cause(s) of infertility.  We provide accurate information and dispel the myths regarding infertility, and we also provide emotional support during a time when couples are trying to become parents.

A Wealth of Experts Coordinate Care

SIU Fertility and IVF Center fertility specialists are members of the Society for Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility (SREI), a highly select organization of physicians who have been certified by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology as having special knowledge and proficiency in the evaluation and treatment of reproductive disorders, including infertility.  There are fewer than 800 members of the SREI in the United States.  For patients who require reproductive surgery, SIU Fertility and IVF Center physicians are among the nation’s leaders in surgical treatment for reproductive issues and have received special credentials from the Accreditation Council for Gynecologic Endoscopy (ACGE), a certifying arm of the American Association of Gynecologic Laparoscopists.  Our fertility experts are also trained in robotic surgery which is the latest technology that allows physicians to perform complex surgical procedures in less time, more precision and less pain than traditional surgical techniques.

We recognize the difficulties of coordinating complicated care, therefore our program incorporates all the components that would allow couples to become parents.  We have a combined Male and Female Fertility Clinic where couples are seen by a multidisciplinary team of reproductive endocrinology and infertility experts in female infertility and urologists that specialize in male infertility.  Psychologists and psychiatrists are an integral part of the infertility team and provide counseling to assist couples in the sometimes emotional process of becoming parents.  Nutritionists also attend our clinics to discuss the importance of a healthy diet for a normal pregnancy.  Acupuncturists are also available in our Center to provide a holistic approach to the infertile couple.  Genetic counselors and geneticists are available to discuss issues in your family history that will alert to the possibility of an increased risk of genetic abnormalities, and will be intricate participants in a complete prenatal assessment along with our fertility experts.  Following a thorough assessment to determine the couple’s cause(s) of infertility, the SIU Fertility and IVF Center team will discuss all available options for treatment with couples.  Counseling is an ongoing process during the infertility analysis and treatment.  Periodically, physicians and couples review the status of their care and outline future treatments and anticipated care in our Center.