Electrocardiography Self Test


The electrocardiography self-test is designed to allow the user to have access to ECGs without additional data in order to test what has been learned by going through the individual chapters. All diagnoses on the ECGs are covered in the various chapters.

The self-test has been set up to provide a printable answer sheet to be used when coding the individual ECGs. After interpreting and coding the ECG, click the interpret button at the bottom of the test ECG and the interpretation will be provided along with an explanation of the correct diagnoses and a discussion of frequently miscoded diagnoses. The test ECG will also be present and demonstrate the items pointed out in the text.

A large part of interpreting ECGs is pattern recognition and repeatedly going through the self-test will provide the necessary repetition. As time goes on, ECGs will be added to the self-test. As with the other portions of the modules, if there are any questions or comments please contact us at tdemarti@prairieheart.com.

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