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Pediatric Gastroenterology Patient Care Resources

New Patients

Prior to your visit, please consider printing and completing the Gastroenterology Intake Form. This will expedite the intake process, making it easier for us to better serve you and your child's needs.

If you are having GI problems, it may be helpful to avoid Gastric Irritants such as the following foods:

Cola/Carbonated Beverages
Highly Seasoned Foods
Tomato Juice / Sauce
Greasy Foods

Additional Resources

  • For those of our patients who are encouraged to adopt a Low FODMAPs Diet, this is a helpful handout.
  • If you are a new parent or if you are concerned about what and how much to feed your baby, please see these helpful guidelines.
  • Here is a list of healthy calorie & protein boosters if your child struggles with poor weight gain, poor intake, or an inability to take sufficient calories by mouth.
  • If your child has been diagnosed with Eosinophilic Esophagitis, you may find this guide helpful in better understanding the condition.

Helpful Links
Crohn's and Colitis Foundation