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The Twin Play Lab

About the Lab

The Twin Play Lab is a research lab at Southern Illinois University. It is headed by Dr. Lisabeth DiLalla, a developmental psychologist at the SIU School of Medicine, and is home of the Southern IL Twins/Triplets and Siblings Study (SITSS). The lab focuses on preschoolers and the development of peer interactions and parent-child interactions from early childhood through adolescence. Learn more about research underway at

To learn more, find us on Facebook at

If you're a parent of multiples, identical or fraternal, the lab would love to hear from you! Lab visits for preschoolers are fun, and children always take home great toys as a thank-you gift for participating. Adolescents can complete questionnaires from the comfort of their own homes.

If you are interested in talking to someone at the lab about this research, please call 618-453-5206, e-mail, or email Dr. DiLalla at

Additionally, families who are interested in research participation should visit the "Family Collaborative at SIU" webpage located under our Research tab.