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Residents and Fellows

Marion Were

Class of 2021, Pediatrics

Joshua Westbrook

Class of 2020, Radiology

Olivia M. White

Class of 2022, General Surgery

Vanessa Williams

Class of 2019, Internal Medicine

Craig Wilson

Class of 2020, Orthopaedic Surgery

Sara Wing

Class of 2022, Otolaryngology

James Winters

Class of 2021, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Mark Wojdyla

Class of 2020, Emergency Medicine

Jordan Wood

Class of 2022, General Surgery

Betty Yan

Class of 2020, Dermatology

Tian Zhang

Class of 2021, Vascular Surgery

Nicolai Zhidkov

Class of 2020, Quincy Family Medicine

Philip Zorn

Class of 2019, Emergency Medicine