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Residents and Fellows

Mary Francine Chua

Class of 2020, Infectious Diseases

Dane Church

Class of 2019, Adult Reconstructive Surgery

Lana Cong

Class of 2020, Springfield Family Medicine

Andrew Corkery

Class of 2019, Internal Medicine

Nana Cudjoe

Class of 2021, Psychiatry

Stephanie Dalla Riva

Class of 2022, Obstetrics & Gynecology

Rucha Dalvi

Classs of 2020, Psychiatry

Ashima Datey-Chakrabarty

Class of 2022, Medicine/Psychiatry

Timothy Daugherty

Class of 2021, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Matthew Davis

Class of 2021, Urology

Dean Davis

Class of 2020, Springfield Family Medicine

Kelsey Davis-Humes

Class of 2019, Quincy Family Medicine

Kathryn Demitruk

Class of 2021, Quincy Family Medicine

Gregory DeSimone

Class of 2019, Carbondale Family Medicine

Todd Diebold

Class of 2019, Obstetrics & Gynecology

Michael Digiovanni

Class of 2021, Decatur Family Medicine