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Residents and Fellows

Frederick Butt

Class of 2019, Preliminary Internal Medicine

Anwar Cameron

Class of 2019, Carbondale Family Medicine

Jase Camp

Class of 2021, Emergency Medicine

Michelle Cancel

Class of 2020, Internal Medicine

Sarah-Grace Carbrey

Class of 2023, Medicine/Psychiatry

Alexa Castellano

Class of 2019, Otolaryngology

Arindam Chakrabarty

Class of 2019, Psychiatry

Sarah Chamanara

Class of 2020, Pediatrics

Sidharth Chandra

Class of 2019, Medicine/Psychiatry

Logan Chastain

Class of 2020, Radiology

Thymur Chaudhry

Class of 2021, Radiology

Kanika Chawla

Class of 2023, General Surgery

Asad Cheema

Class of 2021, Internal Medicine

Betty Chen

Class of 2022, Otolaryngology

Arthur Chou

Class of 2021, Emergency Medicine

Safoora Choudry

Class of 2020, Vascular Surgery