Advisory Panel


The IRB Advisory Panel (AP) provides advice and guidance to the IRB Chair, Staff and IRB members. The AP gathers and organizes information that require notification and/or approval of the convened IRB.


Members include the Chair, Vice Chair(s), MMC representative, SJH representative, SIU-SOM General Counsel, Center for Clinical Research (CCR) faculty member, and IRB Coordinator.


  • The AP meets at least once per month, or more frequently, if necessary, to review and discuss IRB issues and other administrative matters that arise between convened IRB meetings
  • The AP reviews and makes recommendations to the IRB Chair and/or the Committee regarding:
    • Interpretation of OHRP and FDA guidance and regulatory requirements (current and new)
    • SIU-SOM IRB Policies and Procedures
    • Potential noncompliance issues
    • Potential local concerns
  • Gathers information and conducts inquiries when needed
  • Evaluates committee member participation and performance
  • Evaluates and makes recommendations concerning the SIU-SOM IRB roster