Advisory Panel


The SCRIHS Advisory Panel (AP) provides advice and guidance to the SCRIHS Chair, Staff and IRB members. The AP gathers and oganizes information that require notification and/or approval of the convened IRB.


Members include the Chair, Vice Chair(s), MMC representative, SJH representative, SIU-SOM General Counsel, Center for Clinical Research (CCR) faculty member, and IRB Coordinator.


  • The AP meets at least once per month, or more frequently, if necessary, to review and discuss IRB issues and other administrative matters that arise between convened IRB meetings
  • The AP reviews and makes recommendations to the SCRIHS Chair and/or the Committee regarding:
    • Interpretation of OHRP and FDA guidance and regulatory requirements (current and new)
    • SCRIHS Policies and Procedures
    • Potential noncompliance issues
    • Potential local concerns
  • Gathers information and conducts inquiries when needed
  • Evaluates committee member participation and performance
  • Evaluates and makes recommendations concerning the SCRIHS IRB roster

Springfield Committee for Research Involving Human Subjects (SCRIHS) Advisory Panel 2017-2020

Krishna Rao, MD, PhD


Douglas Hood, MD

SCRIHS 1st Vice Chair

Laurent Brard, MD, PhD, FACOG

SCRIHS 2nd Vice Chair

Jennifer Graham, JD/Laura Frame, JD

SIU Legal Counsel

Linda Jones, DNS, RN, AOCN, FACHE

SCRIHS Member, MMC Representative

Mark Sanders, RN, BSN, CCRC

SCRIHS Member, SJH Representative

Alisha Mirabile, MS, CIP, CIM

IRB Coordinator

Amber Fifer, Pharm.D, ACRP-CP

Research Assistant Professor, CCR