Stacy Grundy, DrPH, MPH

Research Assistant Professor, Population Science and Policy
Population Science and Policy

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    My primary role involves creating and managing projects that integrate a focus on social determinants of health (SDOH) with pathways to link SDOH interventions to innovations in medical education, the delivery of clinical care, physician (practice transformation) and patient satisfaction, and improved population health outcomes.


    Dr. Grundy, a public health practitioner, researcher, and health equity champion, has a distinguished 10+ year career that reflects continual advancement, a depth of valuable and diversified experience, and consistent achievements in driving innovative, cost-effective population health strategies within healthcare systems and diverse communities. Dr. Grundy is a Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Population Science and Policy and the Center for Rural Health and Social Service Development. She is a graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where she received her B.S. in Human Nutrition. Dr. Grundy also holds a Master of Public Health in Health Promotion and Behavioral Sciences from the University of Texas Health Science Center-Houston, and a Doctorate in Public Health in Advanced Practice Leadership from the University of South Florida, College of Public Health.

    Dr. Grundy’s practice and research focuses on the drivers of health inequities among underserved, vulnerable, and marginalized populations. In March 2020, Dr. Grundy developed and directed Southern Illinois University School of Medicine’s Pandemic Health Worker Program. This program sought to remove barriers to health and community services for underserved Illinois residents and those most at-risk during the COVID-19 pandemic. Pandemic Health Workers and teams were deployed in communities in downstate Illinois to identify those in need and deliver health and wellness services to them through wellness check-ins, home deliveries, telehealth services, and emergency management connections.

    In 2019, Dr. Grundy was selected as a scholar for the Institute for Translational Research Education in Adolescent Drug Abuse (ITRE) and currently serves on the state of Illinois’  Health Facilities and Services Review Board.



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