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Advantages of SIUMED

Below are some characteristics of our school that we believe make attending SIU School of Medicine (SIUMED) an excellent choice:

Innovative curriculum: SIU School of Medicine has long been considered a pioneering leader in medical education. Clinical experiences beginning early in the first year, and a problem-based learning approach to education, allow for integrating basic science knowledge into our students' clinical skill development—more about SIUMED's top educational innovations

Student-Centered Education: Small class size allows for enhanced student-faculty interactions and increased opportunities to pursue clinical and research areas of interest.

Quick facts:

  • The student to faculty ratio at SIUMED is nearly 1:1.
  • Students collaborate, almost exclusively, in small groups (6-7 students) for basic science and clinical instruction.

One-of-a-kind: Our Medical Humanities department offers a comprehensive Doctoring curriculum allowing students to gain a greater understanding of the complex policy, legal, ethical, philosophical, psychosocial, and spiritual issues affecting health care providers, patients, and the community at large. Click here for more information.

Did you know? The Doctoring clerkship in Year 4, a required part of our curriculum, is one of the very few programs of its kind in the country.