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Allergy Clinic

  • Specializes in evaluation and treatment of environmental and food allergies
  • Comprehensive testing for allergies to dust, pollens, molds and animal dander
  • Evaluation and testing for food allergies
  • Comprehensive management of allergic disorders affecting the nose, sinuses, ears and voice including medical, surgical treatment and immunotherapy (allergy shots)
  • Comprehensive evaluation of allergy related chronic sinus disorders

Allergy treatment options:

Patients who have allergies that are not controlled with medical management have to treatment options for desensitization at SIU. The first step is to call our office at (217) 545-8000 to schedule an allergy consult with one of our physicians. This consultation can be scheduled by the patient and does not require a doctor’s referral (unless your insurance plan requires an insurance referral). A 15-minute screening test can be done to determine if you may have allergies. Based on your exam and history, our doctor will order the full 1-hour allergy test. This is called an MQT.

Results of this test will be available the same day. The doctor will review the test and recommend a treatment plan. Traditional allergy injections are given over a 3-5 year period. Injections are given weekly and then spaced out to every 2 or 3 weeks as directed by the physician. These are typically covered by most insurances.

Sublingual drop therapy (SLIT) is administered at home by the patient 6 days per week for 3-5 years. Allergy drops can safely and effectively treat a broad range of allergies, including animal dander, pollens and molds. This therapy is not covered by insurance. The cost is only $10-$20 per week, depending on the number of vials needed.
Any specific questions can be answered by the staff at our allergy clinic by calling (217) 545-8000.