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Head and Neck Clinic

Head and neck cancer is treated by a multidisciplinary team of experts at the SIU Simmons Cancer Institute Head and Neck Clinic.

Treatment options include either one or more of the following, depending on the cancer:

     - Surgery

     - Radiation therapy

     - Chemotherapy

     - Targeted therapy and immunotherapy


Meet our Head and Neck Surgical Oncologists



Pardis Javadi, MD                                             Arun Sharma, MD, MS, FACS


What to Expect During the Clinic Appointment?

When seen in the clinic, patients may undergo flexible laryngoscopy, which is a painless procedure to examine the throat using a scope passed through the nose. If a biopsy has not already been performed, this may be performed in clinic using local anesthetic (numbing medication).


Every head and neck cancer patient is discussed at the multidisciplinary Tumor Board, which includes our cancer experts who specialize in head and neck cancer. After this discussion, our team will discuss treatment recommendations with the patient.


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