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Class of 2021

Kory Blank, MD

Hometown: Wayne City, Illinois
Undergraduate: Eastern Illinois University
Medical School: University of Illinois College of Medicine

About Me: I was born and raised in Southern Illinois. I have a three and a half year old son that looks exactly like me, unfortunately for him. When not working, I enjoy running and watching the latest Paw Patrol episode to see what hijinks Cat Boy, Gecko, and Owlette have gotten themselves into.

Why I Chose SIU Ortho: I chose SIU because it was immediately clear that the residents I spoke with at the interview had very similar goals to my own. I would like to practice in a small Southern Illinois town after graduation, and no other program I interviewed at was as tailored to that goal as SIU. 

Christine DiPompeo, MD

Hometown: Elmhurst, Illinois
Undergraduate: Northwestern University
Medical School: University of Illinois at Chicago

About Me: I majored in English in college and had a less traditional path into medicine. I enjoy weekend getaways to the mountains for hiking. I have three dogs and I am always looking to rescue one more. I am interested in Spine and Sports Medicine.

Why I Chose SIU Ortho: I chose SIU due to the large community presence and the early operative experience. I also liked how well the residents got along with one another. The program is the perfect size and we all get along well and are able to have a good time outside of work.

Ryan O’Rourke, MD

Hometown: Joliet, Illinois
Undergraduate: University of St. Francis
Medical School: Indiana University School of Medicine

About Me: Grew up in a southwest suburb of Chicago; Chicago sports fan; collegiate soccer player; proud father of four children; enthusiast for craft beer, grilling, and smoking meat.

Why I Chose SIU Ortho: I chose SIU because of the extraordinary surgical experience. It is a very hands-on program for the residents with early exposure in the OR, even as interns. Rarely, do we "double scrub". It is also a smaller learning environment and we build a strong repoire with the attending faculty.​