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Class of 2022

Paul Al-Attar, MD

Hometown: Rochester Hills, Michigan
Undergraduate: University of Michigan
Medical School: University of Michigan Medical School

About Me: I'm a native of the great state of Michigan. I love watching Michigan football (Go Blue!) and Detroit sports. I played soccer in college and am a big follower of international soccer. I also can read, write, and speak Arabic. My hobbies include tailgating, working out, traveling, and eating Middle Eastern food.

Why I Chose SIU Ortho: SIU is a humble, busy Midwest program which offers a multitude of exposure to standard as well as complex Orthopedic care. We have more attendings than residents which gives us the opportunity to work in an apprenticeship model during our different subspecialty rotations. We get into the OR early and often starting intern year and are often one-on-one with our attendings.. SIU offers the opportunity to be trained as a confidently skilled surgeon and clinician who is ready to go immediately into practice, if not to pursue additional training in a top fellowship program.

Brian Kurcz, MD

Hometown: Arlington Heights, Illinois
Undergraduate: Northern Michigan University, Northwestern University
Medical School: Chicago Medical School

About Me: I'm a Chicago native, in the past I had a career as an engineer for Samsung, but made the change to medicine and orthopaedics as my passion. I enjoy hockey, biking, the outdoors and skiing. 

Why I Chose SIU Ortho: I chose SIU for the mentorship, community model based on exposure and operative abundance at all levels.

Hamadi Murphy, MD

Hometown: Winter Park, Florida
Undergraduate: University of Michigan
Medical School: University of Cincinnati Medical School

About Me: Hamadi Murphy is a member of the SIU Orthopaedic Surgery class of 2022.  He completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.  He then obtained a Masters in Physiology at the University of Cincinnati before matriculating into medical school there as well.  He completed medical school in 2016 and started residency at SIU in 2017.  In his free time he enjoys traveling, playing basketball, and the outdoors.

Why I Chose SIU Ortho: I chose SIU because they have a great reputation for training competent and skilled orthopaedic surgeons.  I believe the apprenticeship model here allows us to participate in all aspects of patient care from day one, and this enables us to develop our skills both inside and outside the OR from the very start.  In addition the camaraderie amongst the residents makes this a great place to train.  The attending’s are also very supportive and approachable which makes residency here a good experience.