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Multidisciplinary Hand Clinic

hand_clinic1.jpgThe Southern Illinois University School of Medicine division of Plastic Surgery strives to provide a dedicated team effort in the management of complex hand injuries or problems. One way in which this goal is achieved is through the Multidisciplinary Hand Clinic.

The Multidisciplinary Hand Clinic is a unique medical conference where hand specialists from central Illinois come together to review patients with complex hand problems. This comprehensive and collaborative approach aids in the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of difficult problems of the hand.

The team consists of SIU hand surgeons, local and regional hand surgeons, residents and certified hand therapists. Patients are in attendance and family members are welcome to attend if desired. Patient history, X-rays and previous tests are presented and reviewed. The hand and/or upper extremity is examined. A full team discussion takes place and the patient is free to ask questions. Based on all of this information and team discussion, various treatment options for optimal outcome are discussed. A physician will discuss the recommendations with the patient at a later time.

The Multidisciplinary Hand Clinic is held once every other month in the Baylis Medical Building, SIU Division of Plastic Surgery.

For additional information regarding the SIU Multidisciplinary Hand Clinic please contact Cheryl Matthews at (217)545-7018.