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Clinical TeleHealth

SIU Medicine's TeleHealth program provides access to care for patients and health care providers who have limited or no access to primary or specialty care. Through virtual care strategies, you can bring our specialists and primary care providers right to your community with secure, HIPAA compliant clinical video and telecommunications technologies.

SIU HealthCare's Telehealth program provides access to care through virtual care strategies that bring our specialists and primary care providers to your location through video and telecommunications technologies. With more than 20 clinical specialties and subspecialties delivered via Telehealth, care close to home is now a reality for many patients and their families. Close collaboration with local primary care providers is enhanced when Telehealth is used.

About TeleHealth

TeleHealth Clinical Services

SIU TeleHealth provides a wide variety of clinical specialties via TeleHealth to your patients in your office or other health care setting.  With access to over 20 clinical specialties via TeleHealth, your needs for referrals or patient access should be able to be met easily and most often, with more frequent and timely patient appointments.  Learn more about clinical services available via SIU TeleHealth....

Clinical TeleHealth Services

SIU TeleHealth regularly reviews state and national data for important information needed by our partner sites as well as provides resources to our TeleHealth sites and partners.  These resources include links to national associations, published articles and regulatory memos as well as internal SIU TeleHealth policies and procedures. ​

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Get Connected

To start receiving services from SIU specialists and primary care providers via TeleHealth is easy!  Just contact us and we'll be happy to get you connected.  The process starts with a site visit, assessment for connectivity and ends with training your telepresenters.  Learn more about getting connected to SIU TeleHealth to begin receiving services for your patients. 

Become TeleHealth Enabled

SIU TeleHealth sites have access to documentation and other resources for training for specific clinical services such as TeleStroke or TeleNICU.  To access these documents, you must have a user name and password issued from SIU TeleHealth.  If you cannot access the documents, and are receiving services that require you to access this site, please call the SIU TVS Helpline at 217-545-8600 to request access. 

To access SIU TVS documents, click here

SIU TeleHealth provides indepth training for our TeleHealth sites and clinicians in order to follow the best practices for optimal TeleHealth visits. This training helps to ensure excellence in clinical practice via Telehealth and high  patient and provider satisfaction. 

Click here for Training Detail and Resources

SIU TeleHealth has numerous TeleHealth sites spread throughout Illinois. Our goal is to make healthcare easily accessible to communities with limited or no access to primary or specialty care. Click below to see if you are located near one of the existing TeleHealth sites.  If you are interested in becoming TeleHealth enabled to provide access to care, please contact SIU TeleHealth at 217-545-3830.

TeleHealth Sites and Contact List

SIU TeleHealth provides policies and procedures to ensure an effortless TeleHealth visit for both the clinician, the patient and the telepresenter.  To access our policies and procedures, please use your secure user name and password to access the documents. These policies and procedures are the same as the policies and procedures that are in your TeleHealth Resource Manual.  

Click here for access to Policies and Procedures

Being located within the Medical district of Springfield makes for easy access to SIU TeleHealth and Video Services office and resources. Feel free to stop by and see first hand how clinical, administrative, and educational video technologies are deployed, or to speak with our professional staff.​

Directions to Telehealth

SIU TeleHealth and Video Services wonderful staff is always happy to serve your needs. Our team members take pride in providing the best TeleHealth and Video Services experience possible.  ​

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