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SIU Medicine’s TeleHealth program started early in the last decade with TelePsychiatry and TeleStroke.  The program has evolved to 20 different clinical services in more than 20 sites.  With a growing number of patients using TeleHealth, SIU Medicine has become a leader in the state in championing care via TeleHealth to rural communities, providers, payers, and government agencies.  SIU TeleHealth believes that the most important relationship in the virtual care arena is between the patient and their provider and strives to make the patient and provider experience equal to or better than in-person care.  With capabilities for a full exam including listening to heart and lungs, inspecting the ears, nose, and mouth, SIU Medicine is capable of seeing patients and making a diagnosis over TeleHealth, something many programs around the country do not do. 


SIU Medicine TeleHealth providers accept new patient referrals via TeleHealth, do one time consultations, and provide follow-up care as well.  Working collaboratively with primary care, SIU TeleHealth is designed to improve access and support primary care in areas where access to specialty care is limited or not available. 


Patients love using TeleHealth to access care.  Patients often say how much time and money using TeleHealth has saved them, that it’s just like being in person, and particularly for the elderly, patients are thankful for not having to drive for care and being able to receive specialty care right in their own community. The local health care system benefits as well. SIU providers order lab tests, xrays, other ancillary services, and write prescriptions that are filled in the local community.  While partnering with our regional TeleHealth sites, SIU strives to assist in stabilizing the local health care system by supporting primary care practices with specialty referrals.


Referrals can be made to specialists at SIU Medicine through TeleHealth in the same manner as getting an in-person appointment.  SIU’s Call Center is ready to accept your phone call and to assist with getting your patient appointed for TeleHealth.


In addition to clinical services, SIU Medicine’s Video Services team provides industry quality video conferencing, visual communication, and collaboration tools to our staff and partners across the region.  Using video conferencing and collaboration tools improves efficiencies and reduces the cost of meetings, education, and business and operations.  With at team of experts in IT, video production, distributive education, and the technology and infrastructure, you can rest assured that your needs will be met with exceptional quality and customer service. 


SIU TVS Clinical TeleHealth and VideoConferencing Helpline ​217-545-8600