Year Two: Streamers

Population Science and Policy

Faculty Leadership Committee:

Goals and Objectives:

  1. Gain an appreciation of the role that population science and policy plays in the rapidly changing health system
  2. Perform a comprehensive biomedical literature search/review
  3. Differentiate between the types of traditional health studies and the reasoning behind their design
  4. Understand biomedical statistics principles (i.e. effect-size measures, statistical tests, and confidence intervals)
  5. Gain awareness of epidemiological principles and the role that these principles play in clinical decision making
  6. Understand the social determinants of health and the role that they play in the health of individuals and populations
  7. Understand social systems and the science around how these systems interact and complete with health
  8. Gain an awareness of how culture and biases impact our behaviors, medical decision making, and our population’s health outcomes
  9. Describe the basic structure, funding, and roles of health systems (public health, health care delivery, community health)
  10. Understand how changes in health systems impact the delivery of health care and clinical decision making





Infection & Host Defenses




Goals and Objectives:

The general goals of this unit are

  1. to acquire basic knowledge of cellular/molecular basis of tumorigenesis and tumor progression,
  2. to acquaint with cancer epidemiology,
  3. to learn pathology of cancers in each organ,
  4. to be familiar with basic clinical skills necessary for cancer diagnosis, and
  5. to understand the principles of chemotherapeutic agents and other treatment including surgery and radiotherapy.