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CARE Guidelines
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CARE Guidelines

CARE is a system for registering student participation in summer experiences (other than
MPEE) between the first and second years of medical school. You must complete a minimum of
15 working days of medically-related activities to apply for CARE and you must pay summer

If you will be participating in any volunteer summer experiences that involve patient
contact, you must be registered for CARE to assure that you are covered by
SIUSOM malpractice insurance. If you are employed by a facility and have patient contact,
your employer will be responsible for your malpractice insurance; you will not qualify for
SIUSOM malpractice insurance.

Examples of CARE activities:
     •   clinical shadowing or office work involving patient contact
     •   clinical chart studies or reviews
     •   research activities in a laboratory
     •   MECO (Illinois State Medical Society, Medical Education Community Orientation)
     •   IAFP (Illinois Academy of Family Physicians Summer Externships)
     •   SIHF (Southern Illinois Healthcare Foundation) projects
     •   other clinical or research activities (either established programs or self-designed)

Medically-related employment and military training do not qualify for CARE. With the
exception of MECO and IAFP, programs that provide a salary or stipend are not eligible for
CARE. Contact Dr. Sandra Shea if you are uncertain whether your summer plans qualify.
Leslie Fry provides information about financial aid. Note that international projects are not

Your mentor does not have to be an M.D. or a D.O. For example, it is acceptable to work in a
rural clinic whose head is an R.N. If you have questions, please contact Dr. Shea.

Any experience less than 15 working days is not eligible. You may, however, participate in
multiple activities (e.g., shadowing more than one physician) so long as they total at least 15
working days. The days do not have to be consecutive.

Students who complete CARE activities and fulfill all obligations will have the three weeks
documented on their transcripts.

Registration Form & Deadline

Registration forms for CARE, including special forms required for international projects (see
below), are due by April 1, 2014 (deadline is firm). Click here to download the registration form
in MS Word
. Submit the signed form in hard copy to Sarah Merideth (Lindegren Hall room

If you plan to attend more than one activity (i.e., different mentors and/or different facilities),
submit a registration form for each activity.

If you do not have complete information (such as address or phone number), submit the form by
the deadline and provide the missing information to Sarah Merideth as soon as possible.

Program Obligations

By registering for CARE, you are agreeing to the following terms:
     •   that you are applying for full-time summer enrollment
     •   that you wish to be eligible for malpractice/liability insurance
     •   that you plan to complete a minimum of 15 working days of CARE activities
     •   that you wish to be eligible for financial aid
     •   that you will report any changes in activities to Sarah Merideth as soon as you know
         them, including, but not limited to, cancellations, date changes, mentor/supervisor
         changes, changes in financial awards received
     •   that you will pay summer fees (see below)
     •   that if you apply for and receive financial aid but do not meet CARE requirements,
         you will be responsible for reimbursing the full amount of aid received
     •   that it is my responsibility to attend a meeting in April to discuss the documenation
         and deadlines that may be required for this activity. The meeting will cover how to
         determine what my mentor and his/her facility requires in the way of
         documentation and to let Linda Herrold know which of the following
         documentation I need no later than May 1st:
                  background check
                  Basic Life Support card
                  drug screen
                  health insurance card
                  SIU liability certificate
                  affiliation agreement between SIU SOM and CARE facility
                  HIPAA training
                  CITI training
                  hand washing technique/OSHA standards
                  animal protocol training

Click here for more information about Summer 2014 – Information on Fees, Projects,
Registration Requirements, Health Insurance, Malpractice Insurance


Before the academic year ends you will be given two evaluation forms for each CARE activity.
You are required to submit a student evaluation, of both the experience and your mentor, within
10 calendar days of finishing your experience
. You are to give the other evaluation form to
your mentor, who will evaluate the experience and your performance. Pre-addressed, postage-
paid envelopes are provided, or the forms may be faxed.

All student evaluations must be signed and returned to Sarah Merideth in a timely manner in
order to fulfill CARE obligations. Students may ask to receive copies of the mentor evaluations,
as they become part of your permanent file.

Summer Programs

There are many summer programs available to students. The MPEE site and the internet are
good tools for finding summer experiences. Some programs contact us with their information.
Brochures and applications are available in the student lounge. Click here to see their program

Students doing CARE projects on the Springfield campus will be given their School of Medicine
ID badge for use during the summer.

International Programs

International projects are not permitted as part of CARE.

Students on Probation

A student who has not passed Year One and is not allowed to remediate may not do a CARE
project. A student who is scheduled to be promoted to Year Two but who is still on probation
may only do a CARE project under an SIU affiliated mentor. Remediating students approved for
CARE must meet with the CARE coordinator to determine a workable schedule for CARE
around their commitment to summer remediation.