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IRB and Contract Processing Fees

I. Contract Processing Fee: $500

All Contracts for research must be approved by the Dean after review by the Associate General Counsel. The proposed industry contract should be forwarded to the Clinical Trials Contract Coordinator (electronically with all necessary information as outlined in the Clinical Trial Contracting Guidelines and Checklist). The contract processing fee is established to ensure that all regulatory requirements are met for study contracts and will be charged to each study. Each clinical trial should include a contract processing fee in the budget submission to the industry sponsor. Investigatorinitiated studies do not include a contract processing fee.

II. Institutional Review Board: The Springfield Committee for Research Involving Human Subjects (SCRIHS) Fees:

  • Initial Full Board or Expedited Review - $2500

  • Continuing Review - $750

  • Sponsor-required Amendments - $500

  • Exempt review or non-human subject research determination - $150

*There are no fees for the review of:

1) Federally-funded, state-supported or non-profit funded Human Subject Research

2) Non-sponsored projects conducted by SIU-employed investigators under the oversite of an SIU Department Chair

The above rates and policies are subject to change without notice, to maintain compliance with industry and University policies.