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December 2019 Patient Experience Highlight

December 23, 2019

SIU Medicine’s December 2019 patient experience highlight recognizes Sandra Ettema, MD, Department of Otolaryngology.

Informing patients and their families of a terminal illness is not something that most of us would think about daily. For our providers, that is a different story. Dr. Ettema received a card in the mail last month from a patient’s family. In the card was a letter describing the meaning of this patient to the family but most impressively, the gratitude and appreciation shown to Dr. Ettema for her kindness in the delivery of the news and explanation of the diagnosis of cancer.

The letter and card, which were signed by all members of the family, stated “Taking the time away from your family to stay with her while we traveled to be there after the confirmation diagnosis was above and beyond anything most, if not all, doctors would have done. You are truly a phenomenal human being. Please thank your family for sharing their time with our family”.