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Curriculum and Sample Schedules

Our curriculum is designed to enhance and develop the family physician’s skills in the management of acute and chronic diseases and to also become a leader in his/her community. The intern year mainly focuses on inpatient rotations, while the second year of residency concentrates on subspecialty training. During the third year, residents gain practical experience by rotating as Chief residents, while tailoring their experience with electives. The residents’ educational experience is evaluated each year for continuous improvement.

Didactics are held at noon on Monday and Wednesday and all afternoon on Friday. These presentations are given by our faculty, residents and various sub-specialty preceptors in the community.  We utilize interactive and innovative ways of teaching, such as, simulation, small-group learning and problem-based cases.

Example of a Resident's Rotation Schedule
Rotation First Year
1 Orientation, Community & Systems Based Medicine
2 Pediatrics- Inpatient
3 Family Medicine- Inpatient
4 Gynecology
5 OB
6 Family Medicine- Inpatient
7 Emergency Medicine
8 Family Medicine- Inpatient
9 Rural Family Medicine- Outpatient
10 Family Medicine- Inpatient
11 Surgery
12 Pediatrics-Inpatient
13 OB
Rotation Second Year
1 Cardiology
2.1 ENT
2.2 Urology
3 Nephrology
4 Neurology
5 Ortho
6 Pulmonology
7 Geriatrics
8 Psych/ Substance Abuse
10 Family Medicine- Inpatient
11 Ambulatory Pediatrics
12 Elective
13 Pediatrics- Inpatient
Rotation Third Year
1 Ambulatory Pediatrics
2 Sports Medicine
3 Elective
4 Emergency Medicine
5 Chief Family Medicine
6 Practice Management
7 Elective
8 Plastics
9 Elective
10 Chief Family Medicine
11.1 Radiology
11.2 Elective
12 Chief Family Medicine
13 Elective