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2018 Outstanding Coordinator Award

November 28, 2018

In recognition of the crucial and expanding management role of GME Program Coordinators,  the Office of Graduate Medical Education (OGME) assembles a committee annually to select a coordinator for the Outstanding Coordinator Award (OCA).  The office requests written nominations from faculty, staff and residents/fellows.  Every year OGME receives heartfelt nominations in recognition of the hard work SIUSOM coordinators do on a daily basis.

The nominations are compiled and reviewed by the OCA award committee.  Typically one coordinator is selected for the award.  In 2018 it was determined that there was a tie for first place and two coordinators were selected as a result. 

                                Congratulations to


   Rhonda Loyd,                                  Stacie Skelton,

  Vascular Surgery                         Diagnostic Radiology

Rhonda and Stacie have a combined total of over thirty-five years of graduate medical education experience!  They both willingly share their expertise and experience with other coordinators.   

We congratulate Stacie and Rhonda on jobs well done and thank them for their dedication and mentoring of others.