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General Program Information

Program Director: Andrew Varney, M.D.
Program Administrator: Catherine Brower

Length of program: Three year
Total positions: 36 (12 per year)

A career in internal medicine opens up an exciting, intellectual challenge that will stimulate you to both learn the science and master the art of medicine. Some of the most challenging adult patients require the depth and breadth of the internist’s care. A career in Internal Medicine will never bore you!

SIU’s Internal Medicine residency program combines broad exposure to inpatient and outpatient medical practices with a dedicated curriculum and interactive experiences to help you acquire the knowledge, skills and competencies you will need to become an outstanding internist. Our faculty take great pride as educators and are skilled clinicians and patient advocates. Residents are treated as junior partners. Resident feedback, insight and engagement in process improvement sustain our programatic improvement. Our work environment is not only friendly in terms of people, but also in terms of computerized and ancillary support.

We offer a three-year categorical internal medicine program, and a five-year combined medicine-psychiatry program. One open one year preliminary slot is available, in addition linked positions coupled to our dermatology, neurology and radiology residency programs. Visit our (Tracks) page for more information.

As you read through our site, we hope you will recognize the advantages to pursuing your training at SIU.

New for 2016-2017, SIU Internal Medicine Residency program has redesigned our structure into 3+1 format. Our redesign process collaboratively involved residents and faculty and focused on eliminating many of the structural challenges associated with traditional residency programs.

The 3 + 1 design separates in-patient and out-patient responsibilities enabling the learner concentrated dwell time, rotational curricular content and a dedicated conference curriculum.

Additional attributes of our 3 + 1 redesign include:

  • Golden weekends before every clinic week – dedicated days off encourage resident to plan for time away from work with family and friends.
  • Every other month when in clinic – a “Hair Cut Half day” is scheduled for Friday mornings. Six free work day mornings to see your doctor, dentist, eye professional, change your oil or get a haircut! By giving residents this control we hope mitigates stress and promotes wellness.
  • 2-3 longitudinal sub-specialty clinics compliment the 5 planned GIM clinics and afford each resident the opportunity to develop closer relationships with our sub-specialty faculty and acquire specific skills (DM, CHF, COPD management) to refine and enhance their delivery of patient care during residency and beyond.