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SCOPE 2020: Artists' Statements

April 23, 2020

Glen Aylward, First Place:  “Parkinson’s”  

Sixty thousand individuals are diagnosed with Parkinson’s yearly. There are a million people with Parkinson’s in the U.S. and Illinois is second in prevalence. I am one of these people. The painting "Parkinson's" (left) was done 6 years after my diagnosis and reflects the anatomic and emotional aspects of the disease. The brain, neurons and circuitry are indicated and the colors reflect inflammation, emotions and frustration. The intense colors also signify our determination to fight the disease and the hope for a cure. I am honored to have the painting receive the award from Scope.


Peter Somers, Second Place:  “We Can”  

"We Can" (right) was a street poster my wife and I discovered while strolling around St. Petersburg, Russia, in 2019. We had taken a side trip there before visiting her relatives in Kotka and Turku, Finland. We were so surprised and elated to find such a bold visual statement about the status of the environment and the potential for continued destruction and degradation if we don't do something to take care of our small world. It was a refreshing display of world unity in a country where you don't usually get to experience such things in the commons.



Trinity Dvorak, Third Place:  “Rihanna”

I am a sophomore at Auburn High School. I have always been interested in drawing and sketching. I enjoy sketching eyes in particular and more realistic portraits. I drew "Rihanna" (left) because the singer has always been an inspiration to me. I'm very honored to have won third place and for my art to be published in SIU School of Medicine’s literary magazine, Scope.