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SIU School of Medicine Employees Honored for Service

October 10, 2017

Southern Illinois University School of Medicine honored 56 of its employees for their years of service at campus facilities in Springfield, Decatur and Quincy.  The following employees included:

45 Years:

  • Carl Faingold, Ph.D. (Pharmacology)

40 Years:

  • Allen DevlescHoward, M.D. (Neurology Clinic)

30 Years

  • Mary Aiello (Education and Curriculum)
  • Kim  Hodgson, M.D. (Surgery)
  • Risa Kirkpatrick (Medical Microbiology, Immunology and Cell Biology)
  • Anita Weinhoeft (Surgery)

25 Years

  • Kelli Beard (Surgery Clinic)
  • Teresa Benshoof (Pediatrics Clinic)
  • Amy Hoffman (Surgery Clinic)
  • Stacy Miller (Internal Medicine)
  • Brian McCloskey (Management and Budget)
  • Vickram Ramkumar, Ph.D. (Pharmacology)
  • Linda Savage (Family & Community medicine-Quincy)
  • Sara Shaw (Surgery Clinic)

20 Years

  • Janet Albers, M.D. (Family and Community Medicine CORE)
  • Marcella Ashby (Internal Medicine)
  • Tammy Bowser (SIU HealthCare Clinic Support Operations)
  • Mikal McGary (Information Resources)
  • Michael Neumeister, M.D. (Surgery)
  • Amy Richey (Center for Clinical Research)
  • Tracy Smith, DNP, MS (Family and Community Medicine CORE)
  • Margaret Utterback (SIU HealthCare Patient Business Services)
  • Robert Wesley (Office of Regional Programs)Service Awards

15 Years:

  • Brenda Bigley (Pediatrics)
  • Thomas Brozoski, Ph.D. (Surgery),
  • Donna Clark (Obstetrics and Gynecology)
  • Janet Connor (Family & Community Medicine-Springfield)
  • Sibyl Cox (Pediatrics)
  • Sheri Daniels (Medical Library)
  • Patty Gillespie (Capital Planning and Service Operations)
  • Kimberly Hall (Information Resources)
  • Steve Jones (Capital Planning and Service Operations)
  • Matthew Koch (Internal Medicine)
  • David Kotowski (Surgery)
  • Michelle Miner (Pediatrics)
  • Becky Murray (Purchasing)
  • Diane Paap (Internal Medicine)
  • Sriya Ranatunga (Internal Medicine)
  • Krishna Rao, M.D., Ph.D. (Internal Medicine)
  • Sheila Simmons (Plastic Surgery Clinic)
  • Linda Snyder (Family & Community Medicine-Springfield)
  • Stacy Stoppelwerth (Internal Medicine)
  • Lori Thompson (Medical Library)
  • Kendra Yociss, Pharm.D. (Family & Community Medicine-Springfield)
  • Michael Zagotta (Capital Planning and Service Operations)                                                                                                                              


Established in 1970, the mission of SIU School of Medicine is to assist the people of central and southern Illinois in meeting their health needs through education, patient care, research and community service. Its website is and its main number is 217-545-8000.