How to Apply

Applications accepted only through CASPA. Both the CASPA application and the SIU Graduate School application must be completed, submitted, and verified by the stated deadline of Nov. 1.

Application to the PA Program is a multi-step process:  The candidate must apply through CASPA and also apply to the SIU Graduate School before a PA Program application can be reviewed.

Part I

  1. Complete a PA Program application using CASPA.
  2. Have earned Grade Point Averages (GPA) of 3.2 (A=4.0) or higher, on the following: overall coursework and science coursework. CASPA calculates these two GPAs.
  3. Have an earned GPA of 3.2 or higher on program prerequisites as calculated by SIU.
  4. Complete required prerequisite courses. Only one prerequisite course,with grade of "A" or "B", plus Medical Termiology and CPR for Healthcare Providers can be completed during he Spring semester before maticulation.  All other prerequiste courses must be completed by the Fall semester prior to matriculation.
  5. Complete the GRE and submit scores to CASPA (SIU code: 0480).
  6. Submit a current copy of the CPR for healthcare providers card to the Program Advisor.
  7. Have evidence of significant health care experience and PA shadowing and/or a combination of volunteer, observation and PA shadowing experience.

Part II

  1. Apply to the SIU Graduate School and pay the non-refundable application fee.  Before the deadline, applicants must complete and submit both the application and application fee to the SIU Graduate School. Using the Apply Yourself system, select ‘MSPA’ and the appropriate semester, before you enter information. Do not upload transcripts, essays, personal statements, resumes or reference letters to this supplemental application.  Those should be submitted to CASPA.

Important dates to consider:

April 26 - Application Process begins (

Late June - Applicant file reviews begin; Interviews will start later

Nov. 1 - Deadline for submitted, completed, verified PA Program application documents is Nov. 1 of the application cycle.  The PA Program utilizes a rolling admissions process.  Therefore, applicants are encouraged to apply early.

The most academically and experientially qualified students are invited to participate in formal interview sessions.  Selection of candidates for admission into the PA Program is made by committee review following applicants’ interviews.  Preference is given to those applicants with a complete application packet (see list below), evaluated transcripts, GRE scores, healthcare experience in conjunction with shadowing a certified, licensed PA-C, exceptional academic performance, and strong references. 

Please be advised that border state students will not receive a tuition decrease.  Therefore they will pay a higher tuition rate.  Establishing residency to receive the in-state tuition rate can be applied for after six (6) months’ residency in Illinois with a form and certain requirements.

Find out more in our FAQs or by contacting the Program Advisor at (618) 453-5527 or at

Please follow this checklist to assure completion of all steps.

Please make sure that complete the following as you make application to the PA Program.  Only complete, verified applications will be considered.

  1. Apply online (per CASPA) between the dates of April 27 and the published deadline. CASPA applications must be verified by the published deadline (Nov. 1 of the application cycle) to be considered in the admissions process.Applications verified after that date will not be accepted for consideration of admission.
  2. Be certain that your CASPA application is complete. Your GRE score should be sent to CASPA with the SIU code – 0480.
  3. Include your resume in the CASPA application.
  4. Submit an application to the SIU Graduate School at and pay the non-refundable application fee. Do not upload transcripts, essays, personal statements, resumes or reference letters to the SIU Grad School application. Your application to the SIU PA Program will not be processed without completion of the SIU Grad School application and payment of the non-refundable application fee by the published deadline.
  5. Obtain certification in CPR for Healthcare Providers and submit a current copy (front and back) of the card to the Program Advisor. (If you haven’t taken the class or need to recertify, you have until the end of the Spring semester to get this done, as well as completion of one prerequiste course, and the Medical Terminology prerequisite.)
  6. Contact the SIU PA Program Advisor at (618) 453-5527 or for any updates and/or any additional questions

Application materials will not be accepted after the published deadline.