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Pediatric Nephrology

Patient care

The Division of Pediatric Nephrology in the Department of Pediatrics at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine offers exceptional continuity of care with a strong commitment to a multidisciplinary and personalized approach. We provide comprehensive treatment for complex kidney-related diseases including urogenital anomalies, and can order all of the radiological studies and laboratory testing necessary for complex kidney diseases.

Pediatric Nephrology Patient Resources


Medical students from SIU School of Medicine and pediatric residents get to see all aspects of diagnosis, evaluation, counseling and treatment strategies for common kidney disease in all age groups during their rotation. They aslo see acute emergencies related to electrolyte abnormality, renal failure, hypertension, CKD from urogenital abnormality in ICU, NICU and general admissions.

Clinical and Research Interests

There is opportunity for interested students and residents to study children with kidney stones and hypertension. Previous research interests have included stiffness in children with hypertension and treatment strategies.