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Residency Program

The mission of the Pediatric Residency Program at SIU School of Medicine is to provide a diverse and individualized training environment that promotes the educational and professional development of pediatricians equipped to pursue careers in general pediatrics or continue their education in a specific subspecialty.

Pediatric Residency at SIU Medicine

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Program Staff

Janet Patterson, MD, Program Director

Jody Lack, MD, Associate Program Director

Michelle Miner, MD, Associate Program Director

Annelisa Herter & Jackie Ackerman, Program Coordinators

Contact Us:

Pediatric Residency Office
SIU School of Medicine
PO Box 19658
Springfield, IL 62794-9658
Phone: 1-800-718-2736


 - Provide educational experiences to develop the knowledge, attitudes and clinical skills to provide exceptional, evidence based clinical care with an emphasis on the initial evaluation of patients from a large referral base, of rural and semi urban settings.

- Provide the professional foundation for becoming a committed, compassionate and clinically effective advocate and leader in the care of children, through mentoring and collaborative learning with a diverse, “hands on” and committed faculty.

- Facilitate the utilization of interprofessional teams for seamless transitions of care with emphasis on shared decision-making, patient safety, and honesty in communication.

- To provide a just culture, emphasizing and encouraging collaborative care that builds on each team member’s strengths while accommodating for individuality, and promoting a learning environment that supports physician and team well-being.

- Promote an individualized career path to meet the unique educational needs of each resident and provide opportunities for meaningful scholarly projects in clinical care, advocacy, education or quality improvement.

- To provide procedural opportunities to develop appropriate skills necessary for each chosen career path.




Clinical Experience

Clinical Experience

Educational Conferences

Educational Conferences

Residency Program Benefits

Program Benefits