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Application Process - Pharmacology & Neuroscience Graduate Program

We encourage students with B.A./B.S. or M.A./M.S. degree in a biological or chemical science to apply to our PhD program.


Application Process – Open admissions ONLY accepted in the Fall of odd year semesters (e.g. 2021, 2023, etc).

     1. Submit an application on-line to the Southern Illinois University Graduate College at      

         a.  Deadline submission date – February 15th of "ODD” calendar years (example 2021, 2023 etc)

         b.  See below for required supplemental materials


      2. Submit the following by uploading directly to the application website

          NOTE:  Applicant name (Last, First) and assigned Dawg Tag number (which will be given when you create an account on the application website) MUST be on each document


         a.  Non-refundable $65.00 admission fee payable via credit/debit card on the application website.

         b.  Unofficial transcripts for all undergraduate and graduate coursework.

         c,  Copies of all diplomas

         d,  A copy of your TOEFL score (International students only)                                 

         e.  A copy of your Graduate Record Examination (GRE) score                               

         f.  Three letters of recommendation

         g.  Career Statement - Please limit to 250 words.

              Describe the career path that you hope to pursue upon completion of our graduate program.  If interested in the Med Chem track, please include that here.

         h.  Statement of Area of Interest - Please limit to 250 words.       

              Identify 2-3 faculty members from whose research interests are most aligned with yours. Describe why. A list of potential mentors can be found here:


         i.  A current resume and/or curriculum vitae

         j.  Diplomas - Upload copies of any diplomas that you have received.


    3.  Submit the following DIRECTLY to the address below:         

        SIU, School of Medicine, Department of Pharmacology
        Pharmacology and Neuroscience Graduate Program
        Attn:  Dr. Brandon Cox, Director 
         P.O. Box 19629
        Springfield, Illinois  62794-9629

  1. Official transcripts in a sealed envelope for all undergraduate and graduate coursework sent directly from each university or college attended by the applicant.  
  2. Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores sent directly from the ETS   School code 1726; Department code 0216   
  3. TOEFL (International ONLY) score sent directly from ETS School code 1726; Department code 0216   


Stipend Support

The Department of Pharmacology offers graduate assistantships at the rate of $20,874 per year (July, 2019).  According to, an individual living in Chicago, Illinois, would have to make approximately $29,600 per year to have the purchasing power of $20,874 per year in Springfield. also indicates that the median home price in Springfield is 46% of the national average.