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Southern Illinois University School of Medicine's Department of Population Science and Policy distributes monthly newsletters to our service region and partners, via The Pioneer and the Pioneer Pulse. Click the image below to recieve The Pioneer and Pioneer Pulse.



The Pioneer is our quarterly newsletter focused on highlighting the incredible efforts of our faculty and staff, improving health outcomes in central and southern Illinois.

The Pioneer - Volume 2.2 - June 1, 2018
This issue focuses on The Office's innovative efforts toward preventing asthma attacks, connecting community innovators, and examining state opioid policies.

The Pioneer – Volume 2.1 - February 1, 2018
This issue focuses on the launch of our Social Innovation Division and partnerships with United Way, Illinois Education Association, and the Illinois State Board of Education.

The Pioneer - Volume 1.2 - October 1, 2017
This issue focuses on The Office’s of year anniversary, opioid research, defining rural health disparities; and asthma in Springfield and Decatur.

The Pioneer - Volume 1.1 - June 1, 2017
Our inaugural digital newsletter introduces you to the Office, describes our goals, discusses our employment opportunities, and asks for your partnership in improving the health of our communities.



The Pioneer Pulse is a monthly supplement to our larger quarterly newsletter, The Pioneer. The Pioneer Pulse is filled with news and updates on population science and policy issues affecting our region, state, and country.

The Pioneer Pulse - Volume 2.6 - September 4, 2018
This issue focuses on the 2018 Rural Health Summit, Illinois Rural Health Association Award of Merit and becoming a Pioneer Sponsor of the Pathways to Population Health (P2PH) movement.

The Pioneer Pulse - Volume 2.5 – August 1, 2018
This issue focuses on exploring rural health and tackling the opioid epidemic.

The Pioneer Pulse - Volume 2.4 – July 2, 2018
This issue focuses on rural Illinois connectivity issues and reducing asthma triggers.

The Pioneer Pulse - Volume 2.3 - May 1, 2018
This issue focuses on National Women's Health Week and SIU School of Medicine's social mission.

The Pioneer Pulse – Volume 2.2 – April 2, 2018
This issue focuses on National Public Health Week and problem based learning.

The Pioneer Pulse – Volume 2.1 - March 1, 2018
This issue focuses on health policy and tax bill changes as well as dementia care.

The Pioneer Pulse - Volume 1.4 - December 1, 2017
This issue focuses on our year in review and looks to 2018 as we continue our efforts in improving health outcomes in our 66 county region.

The Pioneer Pulse - Volume 1.3 - November 1, 2017
This issue focuses on Medical Legal Partnerships, National Rural Health Day, project highlights, and resources for doctors in rural areas.

The Pioneer Pulse - Volume 1.2 - September 1, 2017
This issue focuses on opioid use, vaccination rates, rural mortality, and insurance subsidies.

The Pioneer Pulse - Volume 1.1 - August 1, 2017
This issue focuses on health care reform and information on rural and urban resident disparities.