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Billing and Financial Aid Disbursement

  • Charges may include tuition, fees, and other charges.
  • Credits to the account consist of financial aid proceeds as well as cash payments.
  • If a credit balance occurs on a student's account, the refund will be deposited into the student's bank account.
  • Account information can be set up here at direct deposit (or a student may update/setup on their SalukiNet account).
  • The Office of the Bursar is committed to excellence in providing financial services to students and the Southern Illinois University community. Our mission is to provide these services in the most efficient, friendly, effective and customer-oriented fashion possible.
    • View your bill on Salukinet now!! Your most recent SIU E-bill is available on SalukiNet ( Students' bills can be found under the 'MyRecords' tab. On the left hand side, under 'View My SIUC Student Records', click the 'Student' link, then 'Student Account' link, then the 'Statement/Payment History' link. Faculty/Staff billing information can be found under the 'MyCareer' tab in the Bursar's Office channel.
    • Please note: Payments made online or via phone will post next business day. No holds will be released until payment is posted.
    • You will not receive a paper statement. Bills are only available online.
    • Beginning Monday, November 2, 2015, your past due balance will need to be under $200 in order for you to register for classes.
  • Students should come to school with sufficient funds to buy books, supplies and any other items necessary to begin the semester, even if the student is expecting financial aid. Checks for credit balances on your University account are not always available as soon as you arrive on campus.

Refunds and Return of Funds: Students who do not attend classes are not entitled to any loans or refunds. Students who cease attendance during the semester are only entitled to financial aid applicable until the documented last date of attendance.